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Tele Radio has a wide range of handheld transmitters. The transmitters are available in different shapes and sizes, from small pocket transmitters with one button to larger transmitters, with all kinds of functionalities. Below we explain some of the advantages of our handheld transmitters.

The smallest (pocket) transmitters are good for simple applications but still have a protection degree of IP65. The larger hand-held transmitters come in many different sizes, offer more functionality and customization options and even have safety classifications, making them extremely suitable for use in high-risk work.


  • Compact and user friendly
  • Many possibilities
  • More affordable than a waist transmitter


Work wirelessly and safely

First of all, the wireless nature of the remote control brings a lot of convenience. After all, it offers the user the possibility to operate cranes, vehicles or machines from a safe distance and in a comfortable way.

Robust and ergonomic

The robust and ergonomic design of the transmitters fits well in the hand and prevents premature fatigue and overload of the hands, fingers and arms. In addition, the surface feels nice and smooth, but is rough enough to provide the required grip.

One-hand operation

A hand-held transmitter can be operated with just one hand, compared to a larger waist transmitter, where both hands are required. This gives the user more freedom when performing certain activities.


Layout and functionality

With a large number of our hand transmitters, the layout and function of the buttons can be arranged flexibly and also be programmed completely according to your wishes. In such a way that the user can perform his work intuitively, safely and efficiently.

Certain handheld transmitters from our Panther and Tiger range include ‘smart’ buttons that provide dual tactile feedback. One tactile click means triggering the device, pushing through – and feeling a second click – means increasing the speed when possible and necessary.

Our range of Tiger handheld transmitters also includes transmitters (the TG-T14 and the TG-T15) that have the precision of a joystick transmitter, combined with the compactness and equality of a push button transmitter. The deeper you press the buttons, the higher the output signal. For example, you can control a function, which is usually only very precisely controlled by a joystick or paddle, with a button transmitter. We call this functionality proportional push buttons.


There are also handheld transmitters that have been specially developed for people who need feedback from their equipment. These work through a duplex system (dual communication), with visible feedback via the LED lighting on the transmitter. In addition, there are hand-held transmitters with a display for receiving feedback.

Maximum safety for complex applications

There are handheld transmitters that comply with the SIL3 standard and are PLe certified, the highest available safety classification in radio remote control. The built-in safety provisions therefore meet the highest requirements, making the system ideal for use in workplaces where risks must be kept to a minimum, such as during lifting, hoisting, pressing or rolling. To guarantee this, Tele Radio has its products tested by a Notified Body, an external, independent party.


Purchase of a waist transmitter is often not necessary

Many of our hand transmitters can be set up flexibly in terms of layout and functionality and can be fully programmed according to your wishes. In such a way that the purchase of an expensive waist transmitter is not necessary and this reduces costs.

Parts availability

In most cases, our transmitters can be repaired because we keep many individual parts in stock and can therefore replace them. As a result, our products have a longer lifespan.


Would you like to become acquainted with the possibilities of our hand-held transmitters or with Tele Radio in general? Please contact our sales.