Proportional push button transmitter for precise control

Blog , Uncategorized @us • Posted on July 7, 2020 at 3:28 pm

Using only one hand

Tele Radio has a wide range of both push button hand transmitters and joystick transmitters. However, there is one model that combines the precision of a joystick transmitter with the compactness and equality of a push button transmitter. These are the transmitters of the Tele Radio TIGER TG-T14 with 6 or 8 proportional, analog buttons. The deeper you press the buttons, the higher the output signal. For example, you can operate a function, which is usually only very precisely controlled by a joystick or paddle, with a button transmitter. In addition, feedback can be given via the built-in LCD screen.

Check here the technical details of the 6 button transmitter and here the 8 button transmitter details.

The advantages that this transmitter offers, compared to a joystick transmitter, are the ease of use and lower costs.

Next to the usual safety features of the Tiger system, this transmitter also has an accelerometer, which provides even more safety. This transmitter can switch off itself, a function or the controlled application when the transmitter falls. This occurs because the moment of weightlessness in the event of a fall is detected and the transmitter can be programmed to respond to it. All these features are combined with a SIL3 certified emergency stop control.

Tele Radio regularly has its products tested by external companies. The pushbuttons have been tested for resistance, lifespan, functionality and ergonomics.

This test shows that our push buttons can be pressed up to 30,000 times without showing any loss of quality. Furthermore, the push buttons are easy to press and comfortable to hold.

If a push button no longer functions properly, the entire transmitter does not have to be replaced, but the specific push button can easily be removed and replaced by a new one. Many spare parts are available, which means that in most cases the transmitters can be repaired and have a long lifespan. This makes the possibilities of the TIGER transmitter, available with ordinary or proportional push buttons, greater than ever.

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