Custom products

At Tele Radio we believe that in order to satisfy the customer it is often necessary to adapt the product to the customer, not the other way around. To accomplish this we have a team of technical support staff that solely work to make customized solutions. It could be that the customer needs a specialized software solution to control their application in a unique way. Sometimes our hardware control solution also needs adaptions and sometimes it is both.

We also often supply customized foils and face plates for our customers to design according to their own brand image. No matter what you need, we will try our best to find a solution that is both cost effective and solves your problems.

Customer using Tele Radio remote with custom foil

Software or hardware?

Project complexity can vary. The simplest and fastest projects are usually software related. From the mind of the customer to finished software is just a matter of days. 90% of all customization projects are purely software changes.
We also provide solutions for more complex customizations. These projects usually address both software and hardware change and provide the customer with a very unique solution. The projects are handled much in the same way but with some added validation rounds to make sure everything works as smooth as the customer expects. We perform several hundred customization projects every year.

Custom remote control being milled | Tele Radio

You are unique!

We know our customers’ applications are often unique and we do not believe there is a standard product that will meet everybody’s needs. We like to interface with our customers and build a working relationship. At Tele Radio we believe this is a mutually beneficial approach. It also brings us closer to the customer and lets us understand them better and then in turn lets us develop better products. It is a win-win for everybody.