ROM BV worldwide specialist in high pressure and vacuum techniques

ROM BV is active worldwide as a specialist in high pressure and vacuum techniques. From factories in the Netherlands and the Czech Republic, they produce and supply cleaning equipment for the professional cleaning industry and the government sector. Many applications of ROM BV, such as high-pressure sewer cleaners and sewer unblocking machines, are equipped with a remote control. ROM customers must in all cases be able to rely on reliable and safe operation.

With a wireless remote control, customers of ROM BV enjoy more freedom of movement and by being able to keep their distance there is a reduced risk of physical injury. In addition to working more efficiently and safely, wireless operation on high-pressure and sewer cleaning applications brings more benefits.



– Remotely operating a sewer unclogging machine or high-pressure sewer cleaner saves time.


Cost saving

– With a remote control you can do the same job with fewer people.



– Systems with a protection level up to IP67 are protected against dust, water and falls.

Short switching time

– Limited water consumption and prevent unnecessary flooding


– The certified stop button on the remote control is essential in terms of safety and guarantees a constant, active connection to the receiver that complies with PLd/SIL3 safety standards.

”The remote control seems like a small part of our products, but it offers users of our cleaning equipment many benefits”

ROM BV has many types of tools and accessories for sewer cleaning. When unblocking or cleaning, a remote control is an indispensable tool for the sewer specialist.


Since the start in 1980, family business ROM BV, which is active worldwide, has been working hard to realize their vision: to create smart solutions for the sewage and mobile toilet service industry by continuously developing new technologies, products and methods and marketing them worldwide.

ROM bv’s customers are spread all over Europe, Asia, Africa and America. In addition to offices in the Netherlands and the Czech Republic, ROM works with a network of more than 50 specialized partners in more than 35 countries.

“When unblocking or cleaning, a remote control is an indispensable tool for the sewer specialist.”


Tele Radio is proud to be a supplier of the remote controls on various machines of ROM BV. Many of our products are independently certified with a SIL3, PLd and PLe safety level on the stop function. With over 60 years of experience, we have a solid knowledge of radio-controlled systems and we have a wide range of small hand-held transmitters, to medium-sized push-button remotes to waist transmitters with joysticks and paddles.