Immediate Shipping of Tele Radio Remote Controls

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Despite the lack of components that is affecting manufacturers in the global logistics market and that has caused widespread product shortages in all sectors, including industrial remote control;

At Tele Radio, we anticipated the short comings of the ongoing pandemic and kept our warehouse in Florida well stocked, which enables us to ship our products as soon as the same business day of order receipt.

entrega inmediata

Fully Stocked in our Standard Products

If you know the product that best suits your application or you need technical advice to choose the perfect remote control system, contact our sales department here. By having a large stock of supplies, the shipment will be effective after the client’s approval as soon as the same business day.

Customized products have a somewhat longer preparation time than those that do not require specific programming or a custom foil.

Commitment to our Customers

High availability has broad advantages related to delivery time, but it also applies to replacement parts for repair, accessories required by the operator, or improvements to the production process.

At Tele Radio we are aware that the lack of functioning tools that lead to interruptions of the work of an operator, can mean losses of thousands of dollars, so keeping our customers supplied without long waits is a priority that adds to the quality of our service.

Other advantages Tele Radio offers

In case of loss or breakage of the control, it is easily replaceable without the need to access the receiver in just 5 minutes.

Complete protection against dust and splashes (IP65-IP67). Manufacturing with the extra security provided increases the useful life of our controls.

Reparación de Control Remoto España

Tele Radio is a manufacturer, which makes it easy to keep stock. In addition, it has direct technical service.

Soporte local de sistemas de control remoto industrial

With an office in Florida for sales and repairs in just 24-48 hours. Local support increases the quality of service.