Replacing a transmitter is even easier than changing smartphones

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Not everything was better in the past. Certainly not when it came to replacing broken, lost or obsolete equipment.

Because if a transmitter breaks down, we are literally at a standstill. Moreover, we don’t want dangerous situations to arise when we are unable to control the equipment.

In the past, replacing a transmitter involved a lot of time and work, as it always required access to the receiver, which is oftentimes hard to reach, and transmitters would have to be ordered specifically for the receiver it was initially registered to as it had to contain the exact same data. Nowadays we can do so quickly and easily directly from the Tele Radio transmitters.

A new smartphone for example requires having to transfer all the data that is on the old one to the new one. There are however apps and services that make this process easier. Shouldn’t it be possible to do something similar with the transmitters that we use to operate our industrial machines?

Replace Function

With Tele Radio’s transmitters, replacing is quick and easy. The Replace Function is one of the factors for the growing popularity of Tele Radio’s wireless systems. Many customers are enthusiastic about it, after having experienced it for themselves.

The Replace Function makes it possible to change transmitters safely and quickly when a unit is lost or damaged, or sometimes requires replacement due to maintenance, upgrade or else.

You will be able to replace a broken or lost transmitter safely and without having to open or manipulate the receiver.

How it works

It is even simpler than transferring the data from a smartphone.

  1. The user of the transmitter must ensure that the new transmitter is within the range of the receiver to which he wants to connect.
  2. Then, using the buttons of the new transmitter, enter the menu mode, type in the ID code of the transmitter that is to be replaced, found on the back of the old transmitter (ie the replace ID) and as such take control of the receiver.
  3. The work can continue as if nothing had changed.

Unique functionality

The Replace Function is a unique feature of Tele Radio and prevents the user from having to do all kinds of – often unsafe – actions when replacing. Especially on overhead cranes, where the receiver is often difficult to reach.

The Replace Function works much easier and above all safer. This is a clear contribution to the success of Tele Radio’s radio control systems, as you can always have a spare transmitter as a backup in the facilities, in case any transmitter that is operating breaks or gets lost.

This way, production will never be interrupted for long, as you may activate a back-up transmitter in minutes.

You can also read more about this in our article about the advantages of the replacement function vs EEPROM cards.

All Tele Radio Remote Controls are with

Fail-safe operation

Safety relay(s) drop upon out of range, dead battery, broken transmitter, etc.

Dust & Water Protected

Our transmitters are extremely robust. Some are IP65 and most are IP67 certified.

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