Wireless Radio Remote Control

Market’s widest range of industrial wireless remote control systems and unrivalled support worldwide. With 65+ years of experience, our mission is to provide end-to-end product solutions with technologies and services in the field of wireless equipment control and machine communication, where reliability as well as safety are the key decisive factors.

We are experts on safe wireless remote control for industrial, mining, cranes & lifting, door, gate & barrier applications and hydraulic machinery.
Check out the main applications to use your industrial remote control systems:

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marine industry radio remote control
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Radio remote control research and development
Safe, smart, strong

As a Swedish company, safety is part of our essence. We put great effort into making our radio control products as safe as possible and to make sure our products meet the highest possible safety standards. A full compliment of certificates is available for each product


Standard product stock with Sales & Technical Support


Immediate Shipping of industrial remote control systems available.
Customised products available in 2-3 weeks.

Local Support

Evaluation & Repairs of radio remote control systems within 3 working days.

Why choose safe radio remote control?

A wireless remote control is a safety and convenience-centric system for controlling machinery.

Eliminate the safety risks and dangers posed by using cables

Designed, developed and made for heavy use in challenging industrial applications. Rugged and robust, built to last.

Remote control systems by technical details

Are you looking for a specific radio remote control? Use our advanced product search and filter by button configuration, frequency, BUS system, relay functions, Performance Level (PL), Safety Integrity Level (SIL) and much more

Find everything you are looking for in a remote control:
Joysticks, 2 step push-buttons, paddles, LEDs, display screens, customised foils, security measures, certificated products…

Everything you need in impressive shipping time.