Proportional Push Button Transmitter for Precise Control – Using Only One Hand!

Uncategorized @us • Posted on August 23, 2022 at 10:47 am

Tele Radio has a wide range of push button and joystick transmitters and one model that combines the precision of a joystick with the compactness and quality of a push button transmitter. These transmitters are part of Tele Radio’s TIGER G2 line (TG-T14 and the TG-T15) with 6 or 8 proportional, analog buttons and 4 x each digital push buttons.  You can for example operate a function, that is usually only very precisely controlled using a joystick or paddle, with a spring-loaded proportional push button.

The advantage of these transmitters, compared to a joystick/belly box, is the ease of use and comparably lower cost.

Alongside the usual safety features of the Tiger G2 system, these transmitters feature an accelerometer detecting weightlessness during a fall, that could be used to automatically shut down the transmitter or a specific function. This combined with a SIL3 certified emergency stop provides the utmost in Safety.

In addition, feedback can be given via the built-in LCD screen.  Specifically developed for people who need active feedback from their equipment.  This works through duplex communication between transmitter and receiver providing the user with desired information on the display screen.

Tele Radio regularly has its products tested by external companies.  The pushbuttons have been tested for resistance, lifespan, functionality and ergonomics.  These tests show that our push buttons can be pressed up to 30,000 times, without showing any loss of quality.
Furthermore, it’s a nice feature that the push buttons of Tele Radio transmitters are easy to press and comfortable to hold.

If a push button does wear out, there is no need to replace the transmitter.  The proportional and digital push buttons can easily be replaced with a new one.  Same goes for other wear and tear parts that are readily available, allowing transmitters to be repaired ensuring a long lifespan.

Would you like to test our proportional push button transmitter or any other Tele Radio system?