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Construx uses Tele Radio systems at the construction of a new Rotterdam tank terminal

Blog • Posted on May 22, 2019 at 2:17 pm

A safe and efficient use of wireless controls

Construx is one of Europe’s leading mould makers for precast plants and on site use. Throughout the years the Construx team learned to be creative and innovative. In the very competitive West European market you can only stand out if you are creative, and that is exactly what the Construx crew is good at. They are not a company with high-brow declarations but they are truly convinced that working together with Construx is as choosing for a partnership based on audacity, expertise, quality and flexibility.

For some of the automated precast moulds that Construx produces a Tele Radio remote control is incorporated, since this ensures safety, freedom of movement and speed in the procedures. The choice for the Tele Radio Panther remote system was made because these have a safety function, they are easy to use and install, and programmable according to the specific needs of Construx.

Wouter Van deputte:

‘In comparison to the other brands that we have used before Tele Radio provides ease of installation because we can adjust settings of the remote on site with our laptops through USB connection. That really gives us the flexibility we need!’

The HES HARTEL tank terminal

The images are taken at the Port of Rotterdam where a 1,200 m deep see wall and a 1,000 m quay wall is constructed with Construx precast moulds that are operated a wireless Tele Radio remote control. The project started beginning of 2018. To get an impression of the project, there are 50 segments that combine the deep see wall. Each segment exists of 150 tons of concrete iron and 1,040 cubic meter of concrete, transported by more than 100 trucks.

At the construction site of 27 hectares there will be 52 tanks for storage and transfer of oil products and bio fules by the end of 2021. The total capacity is around 1.3 million cubic meters.

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