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Sustainable innovation: fully electric excavators with remote control

In the quest for sustainable solutions in the construction and infrastructure sector, since 2018, Limach has been developing electric excavators. Alongside the integration of a battery pack, an electric-hydraulic powertrain, and the advanced Limach electronic system, the excavators are equipped with a battery swapping system. This not only makes Limach excavators completely emission-free but also uniquely innovative.

The use of wireless remote controls from Tele Radio plays a crucial role in the battery swapping system.

Limach leads the way in innovation by producing top-of-the-line emission-free excavators that significantly enhance the sustainability of the construction and infrastructure industries. ‘’At Limach, we work every day to create a better working and living environment for everyone. Through a combination of proven engineering and advanced technology, we continually develop and fine-tune our products in-house’’, says Norbert ten Hove, R&D Manager, and software engineer at Limach, whom we interviewed.

Although the radio remote control is just a small component of the excavator, why did Limach decide to incorporate it?

‘’The user-friendliness of the transmitter makes operating the unique battery swapping system on the excavator a breeze. The Tele Radio remote control operates four functions: lifting/lowering and locking/unlocking the battery packs. Furthermore, the operator can move around the machine while placing or removing the battery packs, providing the freedom to always have the best view, enabling independent and safe work. In short, using an industrial remote control on an excavator offers numerous advantages, including freedom, safety, and increased efficiency during work.’’

Why did Limach choose Tele Radio?

‘’We were convinced to choose Tele Radio based on the positive experiences we heard from other partners. Additionally, the receiver has a CANopen interface, which made integration with our system a simple task.’’

Would you recommend other companies to use our remote control solutions, and why?

‘’Absolutely. The remote control always works, has a good range, and integration into our own system is easily accomplished when using CANopen.’’

Norbert ten Hove is responsible for leading the R&D team at Limach and also writes the software for the electric components of the Limach machines. As a software engineer, he ensures integration with external systems, such as the Tele Radio remote controls.

Curious about Limach’s emission-free excavator?

Tele Radio TIGER system

The transmitter used by Limach is the Tele Radio TIGER (TG-T9). This PLe, SIL3-certified remote control features 8×2-step buttons that control 16 different functions, has a robust housing, has a IP66 protection degree and is available with 433 or 915 MHz frequency. Click here for more details.

The receiver (TG-R4) has 7 relays, is PLe, SIL3 certified, has a protection degree IP66 and is available with 433 and 915 MHz frequency. For more details, click here.

Tele Radio

Tele Radio provides universal wireless remote controls and custom solutions for industrial drives and controls. Our products contribute to a more comfortable and safer workplace. As the only company in the Netherlands with official, externally certified SIL3, PLd, and PLe safety levels.

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