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Efficient hydraulic seeding with a Tele Radio remote control

A conventional method of sowing is not possible on walls and embankments. The usual machines can only sow horizontally and the dry seeds blow or wash away too quickly. An innovative solution is hydraulic sowing. Seeds are sprayed onto the substrate in a mixture of water, fertiliser, glue and a carrier, regardless of the profiling or slope..

Patrick Peters has been working at Hydroseeding.eu in The Netherlands since 2001 and is a specialist in the field of hydraulic seeding. For some time now he has been performing his work much more efficiently thanks to the use of a Tele Radio remote control.

At Hydroseeding they have various separate pump installations that can be placed on a truck, pontoon or, for example, behind a tractor. The machines, in combination with a 175-meter-long spray hose, make it possible to reach every location.

”We now have so much experience that we can carry out any job, regardless of the situation. To perform the work even more efficiently, our machines are equipped with a radio remote control from Tele Radio,”

– Patrick


Hydroseeding works with a Panther PN-T21-10 handheld transmitter. With this Panther handheld transmitter, the pump installation is operated remotely. In combination with the 175-meter-long spray hose, this brings many advantages. Patrick explains: “I can now walk far from the pump and still operate it. No more rushing to the machine to turn it off. With the Tele Radio Panther I can act immediately in the event of a blockage and adjust the pressure or switch off the machine. I can even do smaller jobs alone now. That saves costs”.


Patrick is very satisfied with his Panther handheld transmitter, which has made the work much more efficient. In the future, he is considering going a step further with a waist transmitter from Tele Radio. With the Tele Radio Exster system, he can not only operate the machines for hydraulic seeding remotely with one and the same waist transmitter, he can also control and move his truck from the outside. An action for which he now still has to walk to the truck, sit in the truck and temporarily lose control over the sowing. This is prevented with a waist transmitter.


Hydroseeding selected Panther transmitters for their ease of use and flexibility. Panther operates at 2.4 GHz and uses technology that enables interference-free operation over long distances. With protection level IP67, the transmitter is well resistant to dust, water and dirt and for Hydroseeding.eu it is equipped with a high-quality custom foil over the push buttons for protection and safer operation.

The used Panther PN-T21-10 is a small handheld transmitter with 10 push buttons. The transmitter is one of the many wireless remote controls that Tele Radio supplies for industrial drives and controls either with a certified safety stop or non-certified. Tele Radio also supplies customized versions. The transmitters are robust and reliable and therefore extremely suitable for the work of Hydroseeding.


Jaap Sterk, the owner of Hydroseeding, has developed the company in recent years into the specialist in the field of hydraulic seeding in the Netherlands, Belgium and large parts of Germany. Hydroseeding provides the construction of grass and flower fields for municipalities, contractors and gardeners. In addition, Hydroseeding is a supplier of Hydroseeding consumables from the Profile brand.