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The Tele Radio remote control takes operating a submarine to the next level

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The Tele Radio TIGER remote control provides real-time feedback from on-board instruments on the submarine. But that is not the only reason to choose this radio remote control system. Tiger provides maximum safety to various types of industrial applications, it is independently SIL3, PLe certified. 

‘’The Tele Radio remote control takes the operability of the Triton 660/9 AVA to the next level. When the underwater team on the Scenic Eclipse II launch their 660/9 AVA submarine from the underwater bunker, Tele Radio’s radio control allows the team to bring the submarine to a safe distance from the ship before boarding. This reduces the time the submarine is near the mother ship during the most difficult period of dive operations: launch and recovery. Moreover, the remote control gives the deck officer more control over the submarine while it is unmanned but being launched or recovered.’’ 

–  Arthur Muttock, Engineer / Project Manager at Triton Submarines LLC

Source of images: Triton Submarines and Nick Verola

SIL3 and PLe certified system

Tiger is a SIL3 and PLe certified, robust radio control system adaptable to standard and complex lifting and non-lifting applications in harsh environments. It is available in several radio bands with frequency hopping technology, changing frequencies within a spectrum every 40 milliseconds. Read more about Tiger.

(Proportional) pushbuttons for precise control

Tiger’s pushbutton transmitters are the best in the market. Their stable performance and build will keep you running day-in and day-out. The push button transmitters are at a minimum of IP65 and most are IP66. You can get the handheld units with or without screen depending on your requirements. Transmitters with screens can show a variety of data feedback depending on your applications capabilities. Read more about our proportional pushbuttons.

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