What is the importance of certified safety stop function on an industrial remote control?

Blog , Uncategorized @ch-fr • Posted on February 19, 2021 at 4:47 pm

A certified safety stop function is an essential part of the transmitter in terms of safety and guarantees a constant, active connection with the receiver that meets the safety standards PLd / SIL3.

If there is an error message or the transmitter is out of range of the receiver, the certified safety stop function will automatically activate. The tilt and drop sensor automatically shuts down the system in the event of an unexpected, potentially dangerous movement. This prevents unwanted button presses and activation of functions and guarantees the necessary safety.

What is a PLd / SIL3 certification?

The abbreviation PLd stands for ‘Performance Level d’ and the abbreviation SIL stands for ‘Safety Integrity Level’. Both are a method of assessing electrical, electronic and programmable electronic systems. This method determines to what extent a system can fail, the probability in which this can happen and the severity of the consequences. After the determination, one can look at how the risk of dangerous failure can be reduced to an acceptable level.

The certified safety stop function of Tele Radio meets the highest possible certification: PLd / SIL3.

Is your wireless remote control certified by an independent organization?

A PLd / SIL3 certification is not required by law, but it is very important for guaranteeing safety. Therefore, always ask for the certificate from your supplier and make sure that this certificate is issued by an independent party (Notified Body).

Safety certifications are often a requirement in the offshore, in automated access systems, in the operation of cranes and winches, in the chemical and process industries.

What is the difference between a stop button function and an safety stop function?

Finally, a brief explanation of the difference between a ‘stop button function’ and an ‘safety stop function’. Tele Radio sells remote controls with stop button and safety stop. Our safety stop function is certified and continuously checks safety as already explained to you. This is not the case with the stop button function. Transmitters with a stop button function will not automatically switch off in the event of a defect or loss of range. This knowledge is important when choosing which remote control is most suitable for your specific application. If you have any questions about our wireless remote control, please contact our sales.