Proportional push button transmitter for precise control. Using only one hand!

Posted on August 30, 2023 at 10:50 am

Tele Radio has a wide range of both push-button hand transmitters and joystick transmitters. However, there is one model that combines the precision of a joystick transmitter with the compactness and equality of a push button transmitter. These are the Tele Radio TIGER TG-T14 and TG-T15 transmitters with 6 or 8 analog buttons for proportional control. The deeper you press the analog buttons, the higher the output signal, which allows for the same precise control as the one usually achieved with a joystick or paddle. We call this functionality proportional push buttons.

Tiger T14

The benefits of such transmitters, compared to a joystick transmitter, are the ease of use and the low costs.

Tele Radio tested the push-buttons of its transmitters for resistance, lifespan, functionality and ergonomics. These tests show that our 2-step push-buttons can be pressed up to 30.000 times, and up to 112.000 times for the analog push-buttons, without showing any loss of quality. Furthermore, Tele Radio push-buttons are easy to press and comfortable to hold.

Moreover, if a push button no longer functions properly, it doesn’t mean the entire transmitter has to be replaced, as our push-buttons can easily be removed and replaced with new ones. Many spare parts are available, which means that in most cases our transmitters can be repaired and thus have a long lifespan. This makes the possibilities of the TIGER transmitters, available with ordinary or proportional push-buttons, greater than ever.

Another additional benefit, in case a compact handheld transmitter is preferred, is that feedback can be given via the built-in LCD screen thanks to the duplex communication (dual communication) that allows the transmitter to receive feedback information from the receiver and/or the system. 

Would you like to test our proportional push button transmitter or any other system of Tele Radio?