Access control options

Blog • Posted on May 6, 2021 at 11:11 am

Transmitters that are used to control heavy equipment, cranes or other industrial machinery, are at times unsupervised, inviting unauthorized or improper use.

In order to help prevent such, we offer a variety of options, that may either be added via hardware or software.

Any of these options may be used to add extra safety layers, by either granting full or only partial access to the transmitter or its functions.

For example, a key switch in the OFF position may prevent use of the transmitter altogether, or alternatively allow limited access to control functions. Whereas the keyswitch in the ON position, grants full access to buttons and functions that are otherwise not available (like maintenance modes or override buttons), the same may be achieved using PIN codes.

Key switch

Key switches are available for most of our robust transmitters. Used to prohibitthe start-up sequence by disconnecting the power supply.

It can also be coupled with software, used to provide limited access control.

Pin codes

PIN codes may be used as alternative to key switches. They require entering a 4-digit PIN to activate the transmitter.

Available software would require entering a PIN to grant access to functions/buttons that are otherwise locked.

Proximity access

Proximity access would require the start up of the transmitter within certain proximity of the receiver and the need to operate within a pre-set zone.

Transmitters can also be erased out of the receiver’s memory once they have been shut down for x-amount of time, thereafter requiring re-registration of the transmitter to the receiver prior to use.

Pin-Code functionality

Key-switch examples