Water jetters and vacuum trucks

Posted on April 5, 2023 at 11:11 am

One of the many applications that we support at Tele Radio, is for Water Jetters and Vacuum Trucks. We find that our remotes are necessary in the use of these machines when efficiency is a priority. Find out why and learn about the benefits our systems offer.



– Remotely operating a sewer unclogging machine or high-pressure sewer cleaner without standing next to it or using an extra employee, saves you time and manpower.


Cost saving

– Being able to do the same job with fewer people.



– Our systems with a protection level up to IP67 are protected against dust, water and drops.


Short switching time

– Limits water consumption and prevents unnecessary flooding.



– Keeping your distance from the machine reduces the risk of injury. Tele Radio offers transmitters without certified stop button (as on the image) or a certified stop button. Depending on the risk for the user you can make your choice. Certified Tele Radio systems comply from PLd/CAT3 to PLe/CAT3 and SIL3.

Concerns about signal loss due to frequencies or distance are unnecessary. Some Tele Radio systems have a range of up to 1000 meters in a line of sight and there is a choice of different frequencies for the combination of transmitter and receiver. We have systems that operate on 433, 869 or 915MHz and on the worldwide 2.4GHz frequency.


When you are looking for a solution for your machine or vehicle, you can choose from our wide range of remote controls depending on your needs. From small handheld remotes to medium push button remotes to waist transmitters with joysticks and paddles. They come in various versions and offer solutions for machines where only two functions are required, but also for more advanced applications with many different functions. Not sure which system best suits your needs? Contact us and we will help you further.


We offer full customization options for our transmitters, from function personalization to remote control faceplate design. We can include any color, logo or icon on the front plate to match your own brand/corporate style.

Did you know that you can get feedback from some of our remotes? Discover the many (safety) features such free fall detection, donut range and replacement function of our transmitters.