Donut Range: Wireless Control Within Secure, Fixed Limits

Posted on April 26, 2021 at 8:48 am

Tele Radio’s industrial remote-control systems have a wide range. However, in the context of safety, it is important to set limits for this range. For this reason, some of our transmitters are specially equipped with a so-called donut range option.

To operate an application, such as an excavator or overhead crane, safely, it is important to set boundaries within a certain area. The donut range, on the remote control, detects within which pre-programmed distances it is safe to activate an application.

This custom programmable safety check analyses that the operator is not standing too close to the application, thus preventing dangerous situations. But too much distance between the operator and the machine could also result in a safety risk, for example due to limited visibility. For this reason, the function also checks against the maximum distance.


Does your application and / or work environment require even more built-in security? Various safety functionalities, such as free fall detection and zero position check , are possible on our custom systems. Would you like to know more about working safely with our transmitters? Please feel free to contact us.