Wireless Dump Trailer Remote Control Systems

The remote control for dump trailer is a huge advantage for the operator.

Dump trailers, also known as dump trucks, dumper trucks or tipper trucks, are vehicle types used primarily on construction or mining sites, typically transporting aggregates or other types of materials.

The dump box can either have lateral or vertical movements in order to discharge or unload these materials.

Unloading is oftentimes carried out in unfavorable and unsafe environments, such as unstable or hilly terrains. In these situations, controlling charge and discharge operations with a dump trailer from the outside of the tipper truck can be safer. The operator will have better visibility of the process while keeping a safe distance from the dump truck.

Types of Wireless Dump Trailer Remote Control Systems

Depending on the functions you wish to control and necessary safety requirements, we offer three different types of wireless dump trailer remote control systems, and all of them may be fully customized to meet your specific needs:

Transmitters for applications that do not require the highest safety standards

Small wireless radio remote control

This remote control for dump trailer is ideal for a basic single-speed operation like unload charge, open/close dump box, extend/roll tarp, etc.

The PN-T21 remotes are available with 3, 4, 6, 8 and 10 buttons.

They operate on two standard AAA alkaline batteries.

Robust Transmitters with mushroom type STOP switch

Dump trailer transmitters

Two-step buttons allow the manipulation of functions that require 2-speeds control.
Enhanced safety due to the mushroom type STOP switch and a robust design to withstand use in the harshest environments.

Available with either disposable AAA batteries or rechargeable lithium ion batteries.

Advanced Transmitters with the highest safety & mushroom type STOP switch

Safest dump trailer remote control system

Proportional, PWM, Digital, and Analog control functions may be provided, allowing not only the remote control for dump trailer functions but also to drive the truck remotely from outside the cab.

Direct connection via BB-CAN to Volvo trucks using EXSTER.

The transmitter facilitates two lithium ion batteries.

Main advantages

Interference-free radio remote control

Universal 2.4 GHz frequency, 16 channels and DSSS for interference free operation.

IP65 and IP67 certified radio remote control systems

All dump trailer remote control systems are completely protected against dust, and protected against water (IP65-IP67).

FCC IC CE Approved transmitters

FCC IC CE Approved. Use our transmitters anywhere in the world. Export & import your machinery.

Customized remote control for dump trailer

Customize it.
You can include specific symbols for your functions, show your logo and use your corporate colors in any of our radio remote control systems.

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