Tele Radio expands successful Panther wireless safety assortiment with new receiver R23

Blog • Posted on February 27, 2020 at 11:03 am

Tele Radio expands the successful Panther safety assortment of Performance Level ‘d’ (PLd) products with a new, innovative and modular receiver; the R23.


Next to the certified stop functionality in this model, there is a possibility to program all kinds of other functionality, that will not affect the safety-related functionality. This extra functionality comes in the form of ‘FunktionBlocks’ which is an innovative, practical and fast way to program Tele Radio products. Next to the programmability, there are three standard modes available, for lifting, industrial and mobile applications.


In addition, this receiver is a modular unit, as Tele Radio is renowned for developing, meaning that the receiver is a ‘base-board’ that can carry several ‘add-on-boards’ with extra functionality. The extra boards that will be available contain additional relays, various field-bus protocols, extra inputs, analog outputs, and even extra radio communication boards to facilitate receiver-to-receiver functionality. Next to the mainboard, there is room to implement up to 3 extra boards in this receiver.


The safety-related stop function in the radio system complies with EN 13849-1:2015 Category 4 Performance Level ‘d’. This standard encompasses 4-wire-safety, through double terminal blocks on each end of the stop relays. This safety is, as with most of the safety-focused products of Tele Radio, externally certified, meaning; third-party certified by a Notified Body.


Furthermore, the R23 receiver is compatible with all existing Panther transmitters. For attaining a complete PLd safety system, a PLd certified transmitter must be used, like the PN-T19-2 transmitter.