Hydraulic Remote Control

Remote control hydraulic valve

Machines and equipment that are powered by hydraulic systems are everywhere. Fluid power is usually the first choice whenever a great deal of force needs to be applied with precision, responsiveness, and operator ease. Hydraulic valve remote control systems are a thing, but in order to wirelessly control hydraulic applications, it is important to know what type of valves are to be manipulated and what type of outputs are required to achieve proper and effective control.

For example, solenoid valves, also called directional control valves, can be opened or closed remotely by making/breaking an electrical switch (relay). A solenoid valve is either on or off, open or closed.

Proportional control valves on the other hand produce flow proportionally (non-stepped) to an electrical signal, provided by either variable voltage or current.

Customize your remote-controlled hydraulic valve

Get a customized design for your radio remote control using your own icons, corporate colors, logo and/or website.

Hydraulic remote control systems

Transmitters are available with digital and analog push buttons, whereas belly box type transmitters are available with 2, 4, 5 steps, proportional and stepless joysticks and paddles.

We offer a variety of receivers to provide outputs that enable either ON/OFF or proportional control functionality for hydraulics:

  • Proportional, Analog, Relay, CAN
  • Circuit Integration
  • System Integration
  • Duplex Capability for Feedback
  • Automation & Integrated Function/Logic Control
  • Safety Certifications: CAT, PLd, SIL3, PLe
  • Fully Customizable
  • Available in 433MHz, 915Mhz and 2.4GHz

Receivers are available with digital, analog, PWM outputs, CANopen, J1939. Profibus and Modbus TCP

For peace of mind, all products are delivered with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Safe radio remote controls

Fail-safe operation

Safety relay(s) drop upon out of range, dead battery, broken transmitter, etc.

Interference-free hydraulic remote control systems

2.4 GHz & Interference Free

With DSSS technology, operate hundreds of systems in the same area.

IP65 and IP67 certified hydraulic remote control systems

Dust & Water Protected

Our hydraulic remote control systems are extremely robust.
Some are IP65 and most are IP67 certified.

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