Receiver Modbus RTU / RS485 for industrial remote control

Uncategorized @us • Posted on November 17, 2022 at 3:36 pm

Tele Radio launches the future of plug & play receivers, thanks to the Panther R27 receiver with communication protocol in series Modbus RTU and RS485 interface. The manufacturer will have complete programming freedom when using PLCs, as well as significantly simplifying wiring in the installation.

A highly compatible receiver

It simplifies wiring, installation and maintenance. Offering complete programming freedom, using the R27 receiver as wireless emission interface. This exponentially increases performance possibilities. The device is suitable for a large number of applications with an industrial remote control system, among others:

Conveyor Belts

Harvesting Machines

Transport Trailers

Vacuum Trucks

Rescue Vehicles

Recovery Vehicles



The frequency used in this receiver is 2,4GHz with an interference-free transmission system. A universal frequency, accepted worldwide.


Radio control system with Modbus RTU / RS485. It can be part of a network of devises in the installation (static or mobile/vehicle).


High protection level, IP67. Meaning, it has complete protection against dust and high resistance to water.

Plug & play system. A simple device, easy to install solely with one cable.

Its compact size, makes the Panther R27 receiver perfect to use in small spaces. In addition, it provides great versatility and adaptability for different uses