Remote Controls for Mobile & Hydraulics

Solutions for those who work the roads

Wireless Control for Mobile Applications

The mobile vehicles market is vast, incorporating diverse custom controls and unique functionality. Common applications include rescue equipment, recovery vehicles, tail lifts, vac trucks, agricultural machinery and truck mounted cranes, that can benefit from remote control. Tele Radio has been providing remote control systems for machines in these harsh environments for decades. We know what features are important and we manufacture our components with durability, operator comfort, and safety in mind.

  • Proportionality
  • Circuit Integration
  • System Integration
  • Automation & Integrated Function Control
  • CAT, PLd
  • SIL3, PLe

Remote Control for Hydraulic applications

Machines and equipment that are powered by hydraulic systems are everywhere. Fluid power is usually the first choice whenever a great deal of force needs to be applied with precision, responsiveness, and operator ease. In every field, from forestry to mining, from construction to agriculture, machines move the world – and hydraulic power moves the machines. It is in this environment that Tele Radio wireless control solutions give you the power and dependability to take advantage of all of your machine’s strength: Proportional control, integrated logic, and feedback from every machine function gives you the ability to control hydraulic circuitry of any of today’s powerful machines with ease, safety, and comfort.