Our compact waist transmitter

Operating a crane or machine remotely and still having both hands free for other tasks, that is the strength of a waist transmitter such as the PrimaTEQ. The PrimaTEQ is recognizable by its width of 21 centimeters and monochrome screen of 4.5 by 1.5 centimeters. The compact size makes the transmitter perfect for long-term use in harsh conditions. The PrimaTEQ offers a sturdy housing with ergonomic handles, an independently certified, PLe/SIL3 safety level, stop function and pre-programmed lifting and hoisting settings. With more than 10 different joystick versions, which operate at either 433 or 915 MHz, there is a standard, Basic Line version. Optionally, a PrimaTEQ transmitter can be put together as desired if a Custom Line version is chosen.

Characteristics TECHNOLOGY

Our products are innovative. Tele Radio PrimaTEQ combines the use of smart software, special protocols, quality components, and a robust and ergonomically designed housing. Tele Radio PrimaTEQ offers a reliable and secure wireless remote solution with the following, special features and possibilities.

Select your frequency

The PrimaTEQ transmitter – offering versatile communication options with its choice of 433 MHz or 915 MHz frequency. The 433 MHz frequency is license-free and ideal for short-range communications, while 915 MHz offers longer range and better penetration through obstacles. Both frequencies offer robust and reliable data transmission for industrial applications.

SIL3 and PLe Certified: The safe choice for wireless control

The transmitter is certified with PLe and SIL3, high safety levels for functional safety according to IEC 61508, the international standard for functional safety of electrical, electronic and programmable electronic systems. PLe and SIL3 certification means that the PrimaTEQ transmitter has been thoroughly tested and proven to meet the most stringent safety requirements. It is designed to detect and respond to any potential hazards, and prevent any unintended consequences. With this certification, you can trust that the PrimaTEQ transmitter is a safe and reliable choice for your business or organization.

BUS systems

To meet the current industry standards, the Tele Radio PrimaTEQ remote controls are compatible with a wide range of BUS systems. A smooth cooperation with the software of your machine can be assured. The Tele Radio PrimaTEQ remote controls can handle PROFIBUS, CANOPEN, MODBUS and SAE J1939.

Depending on your application you can either choose one of the two PrimaTEQ Basic Line models or opt for a Custom Line solution. This offers you full freedom in configuring your hardware and software within this transmitter housing and the associated receivers. Our Tele Radio Sales Department can advise you on the best solution for your job.


✓ Frequency 433 MHz or 915 MHz, 16 channels
✓ 1.78″ display
✓ IP65 protection
✓ Duplex communication for feedback
✓ PLe+SIL3 safety level stop function
✓ Vibration for warning & alarm feedback

✓ Impact type & twist release stop switch on the side
✓ Re-chargeable & exchangeable batteries
✓ Up to 10 h with one battery, depending on configuration


Offering the Tele Radio quality for the best price. Suitable for most operations and fitted with standard control elements and black faceplate. The range consists of two basic transmitters and two types of receivers.    


The PrimaTEQ transmitters in the TEQ line come in several layouts with customization abilities. They have rechargeable and replaceable batteries and optional waistbands for ergonomic working positions. We offer standard versions but we can also customize to specifications with paddles, potentiometers, buttons and LEDs.

T12-20 & T12-30

(2×2)+(0x2) XY+Y two-step joystick

T12-21 & T12-31

(2×2)+(2×2) XY+XY two-step joystick


(4×4)+(0x4) XY+Y four-step joystick

T12-23 & T12-33

(4×4)+(4×4) XY+XY four-step joystick


Analog XY+Y proportional redundant joystick

T12-25 & T12-35

2x analog XY proportional redundant joystick


Our system wouldn’t be complete without a wide range of receivers. We can offer smaller seven relay receivers up to very large receivers with 28 relays. In this range you will also find receivers with bus technology: Profibus, Modbus, CANopen and J1939. There is also the option of an analog receiver which supports step less control. Furthermore we also have receivers that can plug-in directly to an application that supports a 10-pin Harting connector. All receivers have high quality casings at IP65 or IP66.


The solid advice of our Sales Department

Get in contact with us for advise about the best fitting system for your application. 

Own Technical Service

Tele Radio has its own Technical Service Department for support, on-site installation and repair.

The various independent safety certificates

For all Tele Radio products with a safety certification, we can provide you with the approval reports from the independent testing authority. Read more about it HERE.