Tele Radio strengthens sustainability focus

Blog • Posted on May 24, 2023 at 6:55 am

Tele Radio’s holding company Allgon Group recently published its new annual sustainability report, which shows a strong focus on sustainability, working towards reducing their environmental impact, and promoting social responsibility for all underlying companies active in industrial and mobile remote control.

“We are convinced that sustainable thinking and action creates a better, healthier and more resilient future for both people and the planet,” says Amanda Romlin, Sustainability Manager at Allgon. “The group has taken important steps towards minimizing environmental impacts. We have calculated the emissions from the Group in accordance with the Green House Gas Protocol, to gain a deeper understanding of our impact” Amanda continues. This is especially important for industries where end-user, ergonomics and a safer working environment are a priority for the business to function.

All Allgon brands operate in several international markets and continents, which drives the need for an integrated and Group-wide approach and regulations for these critical issues.