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Tele Radio Export – works outside the markets of our subsidiary companies

Tele Radio Export is responsible for countries where Tele Radio does not have any subsidiary companies. They will help you with questions about radio control systems, applications, sales and deliveries. You are also welcome to contact them if you are interested in becoming a dealer or a sales partner.

Tele Radio Export
August Barks gata 30A,
SE-421 32 Västra Frölunda

Lars Elvind, Sales Manager - Teleradio
Lars Elvind
Sales Manager
+46 (0)31-748 54 64
+46 (0)707-44 53 20

Claes Johansson, Export manager - Teleradio
Claes Johansson
Export manager
+46 722-07 22 33

Agnes Ekstrand, Marketing communications - Teleradio
Agnes Ekstrand
Marketing communications

Pär Wahlstrand , Export Sales - Teleradio
Pär Wahlstrand
Export Sales
+46 766 00 66 03

Jonas Pettersson, Export sales - Teleradio
Jonas Pettersson
Export sales
+46 725 777 499

Isabelle Johansson, In-house sales - Teleradio
Isabelle Johansson
In-house sales
+46 766 00 66 08

Emma Boström, Inhouse Sales Supply Line - Teleradio
Emma Boström
Inhouse Sales Supply Line
+46 766 00 67 47

Thomas Berg, Technical sales support - Teleradio
Thomas Berg
Technical sales support
+46 727 007 788

Imran Khan, Technical support - Teleradio
Imran Khan
Technical support

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August Barks gata 30A, SE-421 32 Västra Frölunda
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