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JANUARY 17, 2020 | Dakar Rally 2020 Saudi Arabia | Finish
They made it! After more than 7,500kms of dust, high dunes and stones we finally reached the end of the Dakar 2020. And as result, the Firemen Dakar Team is on 13th place of the general. Great work guys! ?

JANUARY 5, 2020 – JANUARY 13, 2020 | Dakar Rally 2020 Saudi Arabia | STAGE 1 – STAGE 8
Quick summary!
It’s now about a week since the Dakar started. During this period a lot happened! In a good way, of course.. The Firemen Dakar team proved to us that no matter what the conditions are they keep going
Stage 1: Jeddah – Al Wajh
Liaison > 433 km – Special > 319 km
ASS: 16th place
Stage 2: Al Wajh – Neom
Liaison > 26 km – Special > 367 km
ASS: 19th place
Stage 3: Neom – Neom
Liaison > 77 km – Special > 427 km
ASS: 4th place
This was a quite special outcome. The team started that day from 19th place and finished as 4th. Unfortunately, is this outcome impossible. Because the Dakar had technical failure with timing. But on the bright side, the team started the next day from the 4th place.
Stage 4: Neom – Al-`Ula
Liaison > 219 km – Special > 453 km
ASS: 20th place
The Firemen Dakar team started good, till they had problems with the gearbox. It caused more than an hour delay for the team, despite that they reached the finish anyway!
Stage 5: Al-`Ula – Ha’il
Liaison > 211 km – Special > 353 km
ASS: 19th place
Stage 6: Ha’il – Riyadh
Liaison > 353 km – Special > 477 km
ASS: 17th place
Stage 7: Riyadh – Wadi Al Dawasir
Liaison > 195 km – Special > 546 km
ASS: 18th place
Stage 8: Wadi Al Dawasir – Wadi Al Dawasir
Liaison > 239 km – Special > 477 km
ASS: 15th place

JANUARY 2, 2020 | Dakar Rally 2020 Saudi Arabia | Preparation

While the world was celebrating New Year, the Firemen Dakarteam were busy with the last preparation. The countdown is started. About 3 days the Dakar will begin!

The Dakar will start January 5th, the first stage will be in Jeddah and ends up in Al Wajh. The opening stage is far from a stroll in the park. It features everything that makes up this rally in quick succession: fast, winding, dunes, stones.
With all this variety, this mini-Dakar is not to be underestimated.


DECEMBER 24, 2019 | Dakar Rally 2020 Walk Around | Part 3

Like for Tele Radio is safety also important for the Firemen Dakarteam. See the video below to find out how the team guarantee their safety.

DECEMBER 19, 2019 | Dakar Rally 2020 Walk Around | Part 2

In part 2 Ron experience how it feels behind the steering wheel of this monster truck. Watch the video below to find out more.

DECEMBER 5, 2019 | Dakar Rally 2020 Walk Around | Part 1

The chief engineer and also fulltime fireman Jan Hulsebosch shows us what this new amazing truck is capable of. It will be the first time that the Firemen Dakar Team will race with a Renault Truck. Check below the Walk Around video with Ron van Gent to learn more about the amazing technical spec’s of this truck.

DECEMBER 3, 2019 | Dakar Rally 2020 | Official broadcasters 

Canal 12 (Cordoba) – Argentina

SBS – Australia

ONT – Belarus

Fox sports – Brazil

Caracol – Colombia

France TV – France

RTVE – Spain

Canale 20 – Italie

NBC – United States

Baltijos – Lithuania

J Sports – Japan

Sky Sport – New Zealand

RTL 7 – Netherlands

CT sport – Czech republic

Match TV – Russia

FloSports – Canada

Supersport – Pan-African

Fox Sports – Pan-South America

Fox Asia – Pan-Asia

Eurosport Asie – Pan-Asia

Eurosport – Pan-Europe

RTL Klub – Hungary

Red Bull TV – World

Hunan TV – China

BeIN Sports – Moyen-Orient et Afrique du Nord

NTV – Mongolia

Mola TV – Indonésie

TV3 Catalunya – Spain


DECEMBER 1, 2019 | PreProloog the road to Dakar Follow the Firemen

The Dutch PreProloog took place on November 23rd at estate Duyenwater in The Netherlands. Over more than 10.000 people came to see the introduction of all the Dutch teams. Of course the Tele Radio sponsored Firemen Dakarteam was there to show of their awesome truck. Click on the video to watch their spectacular introduction.