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You are standing in heavy rain, and there is not a single moment that you wonder whether the radio transmitter of Tele Radio will continue to work in all these conditions. Doubting isn’t necessary, because in the framework of optimum safety, the transmitter has a minimum requirement of protection level IP65. In other words, according to international agreements, the transmitter is not only fully protected against (dust) intrusion, but can also withstand a significant splash of water. We are happy to explain exactly what protection level IP65 stands for.

With the IP value, manufacturers can indicate to what extent their product is protected against external intruders. This can be dust and dirt, but also sharp objects or large splashes of water. This is very important for users to know who often work in an environment where they could run a security risk. 

The letters IP stand for ‘International Protection’ or ‘Ingress Protection’, where ‘Ingress’ means ‘intrusion’. It is an international code that stands for the safety level of electrical appliances. These appliances vary from bathroom lamps to the transmitters and receivers of the Tele Radio control systems.

Two Digit IP System

The IP system works with two digits. The first digit indicates the degree of protection against solid materials, dust, and dirt. This is indicated on a scale from 0 to 6, where the ‘0’ stands for no protection at all and the ‘6’ stands for complete protection, in particular against the penetration of (sharp) objects.

The second digit indicates the degree of protection provided against the intrusion of liquid substances. This degree is specified with a scale from 0 to 9, where the ‘0’, again, stands for no protection at all and the ‘9’ for complete protection against liquid ingress. IP68 is the highest possible value within the internationally defined IP rating in DIN EN 60529.

IP Values of our Transmitter and Receiver

Tele Radio’s transmitters and receivers are extremely durable and always meet IP65 and sometimes even IP67 standards. In both cases the equipment is classified as waterproof. Although IP65 only provides protection against low pressure water jets, IP66 also protects against high pressure water jets. The Tele Radio transmitters with IP65 therefore offer more than sufficient protection against a big splash of rainwater or getting dropped in a puddle. A different situation applies to the receivers. These must not only be able to withstand heavy rain, but also withstand high-water pressure cleaning of the machines to which they are attached mounted. Hence their IP67 level. We find it paramount that our radio remote control systems can also be operated safely in extreme (weather) conditions.

Daily use

The sanitation of machinery and equipment in, for example, the food industry can take place by means of high-pressured water streams. A high IP value is therefore of great importance. A customer must always be able to rely on the fact that our products meet these requirements. The IP values ​​of our operating systems therefore always correspond to the IP values ​​of the environment in which they are to be used.