Our wireless remote control for tow truck and winches stands out for its user-friendliness, flexibility and reliability. Panther is the most used product family within these applications.

Panther systems use technology that allows for interference-free operation of hundreds of systems and also has built-in fail-safe features. Is definitely the best choice to remote control tow trucks.

Wireless remote control for tow truck & recovery vehicles

Remote control for tow truck

Radio remote control systems for flatbed tow trucks, wreckers and many other types of recovery vehicles. Different features, the different number of buttons, and custom programming make our products incredibly adaptable.

Customize your remote control for tow truck

Get a customized design for your radio remote control using your own icons, corporate colors, logo and/or website.

Wireless control for winches

Remote control for Winches - Panther system by Tele Radio

This system is specially developed for easy operation of single-speed winches on mobile equipment such as recovery trucks, tow trucks, off-road vehicles, etc.
This remote control system, the PNS-R171-T2165 (shown on left), is very easy to install due to its pre-wired receiver.

If you need to control two-speed winches or additional functions, we offer a wide variety of Transmitters with a 2-step push button, with the ability to control up to 44 functions from a single Transmitter, as shown in the images above.

General Characteristics of the Remote control for Tow Truck and Winches

  • Highly adjustable for controlling different receivers with one transmitter. For example to control a sliding platform and a winch on a recovery truck.
  • The pushbuttons on the transmitters are programmable and have a very long lifetime.
  • A wide range of accessories is available for the transmitters and receivers: chargeable batteries, straps, covers, metal or plastic clips for your belt, etc.
IP65 and IP67 certified radio remote control for tow truck and winches

Dust & Water Protected

Our transmitters are extremely robust.
Some are IP65 and most are IP67 certified.

Local support for radio remote control

Global & Direct Local Support

Offices in the USA and the rest of the world. More than 20 subsidiaries around the globe.

FCC IC CE Approved transmiters

FCC IC CE Approved

Use our transmitters anywhere in the world. Export & Import your machinery.

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