Remote Control for Cement Mixer Trucks

Cement mixer trucks, also known as concrete mixer trucks or concrete trucks, are key for the transportation and delivery of concrete to construction sites and civil works. The truck’s drum is powered by either an auxiliary engine or the truck’s own transmission. The direction and the speed of the drum are controlled by toggle switches, typically located inside the truck cabin and outside the truck; yet these functions can also be controlled via wireless remote control for cement mixer trucks.

concrete truck controls

Advantages of using the remote control for cement truck

Remote control plays a big role when controlling industrial equipment or machinery. Besides safety, it also allows the operator to move freely while controlling the concrete truck functions from a safe distance.

Another advantage is the savings on installation and maintenance, which in some cases can be considerably high, as wired controls in concrete trucks are exposed and can be easily damaged with dirt, concrete, dust, and grease just to name a few.

Remote Control for Concrete Truck

remote control cement mixer

Though we offer a wide variety of options based on customer needs, we have developed a standard remote control for cement mixer trucks allowing the control of the rotation and speed.

Additional functions can be controlled using our 6, 8 or 10 button transmitter.

Concrete truck controls can be customized with specific symbols, your logo and/or corporate colors.

Advanced Solution with Truck Control

Concrete truck controls

Using our Joystick transmitter type, it can be adapted not just with concrete truck controls but also to control all truck movements, including the steering.

Thanks to our cooperation with Volvo Trucks, our wireless system directly integrates through the truck’s BB-CAN using EXSTER and the CAN receiver. The wiring is direct, simple and affordable.

Gif remote control cement mixer

This advanced wireless solution with Tele Radio remote control also works for different applications such as mining or farming.

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