Rescue station uses PrimaTEQ remote control

Posted on February 27, 2024 at 2:10 pm

Next Generation Machinery has developed the Twin Track for KNRM rescue station Blaricum, which is celebrating its 200th anniversary this year! This is the first electrically powered boat wagon for KNRM and thus fits completely within the organization’s sustainability ambitions.

This unique boat trailer is designed to be able to drive the rescue boat from the boathouse into the water in a wide variety of conditions and, with Tele Radio’s great pleasure, is equipped with the PrimaTEQ waist transmitter. This transmitter is robust, compact in size, perfect for long-term use in harsh conditions and independently certified to PLe/SIL3 safety level. Tele Radio is proud to be part of this sustainable innovation.

All convenience in a compact housing

Operating a crane or machine remotely and still having both hands free for other tasks, that is the strength of a waist transmitter such as the Tiger T12. With a neck or waistbelt, this compact and versatile transmitter is always within close at hand of the user. It is no wonder that this attractively priced transmitter has been one of Tele Radio’s most successful solutions for years. From now on, the T12 will continue its career under the name PrimaTEQ, to better fit within the rest of the range of waist transmitters. The functionality will remain the same.