Posted on July 23, 2020 at 9:13 am

An extreme range in a challenging environment can be reached with an industrial remote control by Tele Radio.


The range inside a greenhouse is no longer being disturbed!

In times of rapid change, you would almost forget that stable suppliers of high-quality products and fast delivery times still exist. Such as Tele Radio, a worldwide supplier of wireless industrial remote control, since 1955.

Where some suppliers miss the boat, Tele Radio, thanks to all innovations, is ready for any application, on permitted frequencies and within the framework of the law. As for example with the Tele Radio PANTHER, the radio remote control system that stands out in a greenhouse (horticulture) because of its extreme range, wide applicability, excellent price and a high degree of safety and ergonomics. PANTHER works legally and license free on permitted frequencies.


A range up to 500 meters inside a greenhouse without any problems.

A greenhouse is a challenge for a transmitter. The frame of a greenhouse as a jammer for the signals. The PANTHER system has an excellent range of up to 500 meters inside greenhouses. In the open field, a range of up to 700 meters is possible. All this is possible due to the 2.4 gigahertz frequency that is used and techniques that exclude disturbances as much as possible.


Almost everything with a button can be operated with PANTHER.

The Tele Radio PANTHER remote controls are versatile. Pumps, doors, irrigation systems and conveyor belts can effortlessly be operated wirelessly. The user can easily program the transmitter on its own via USB. This makes the system perfectly adaptable to your wishes. And in case of questions or problems, you can contact the Technical Service of Tele Radio.


An affordable solution for every horticulturist.

The PANTHER system offers growers/agriculturists a unique and affordable opportunity to control many applications wirelessly. The price of the system is lower than the alternatives in the market. In addition, there is a wide range of transmitters and receivers. From simple hand transmitters to maxi transmitters with an active stop button.

The PANTHER range has recently been expanded with the modular PLd receiver R23. This receiver stands out for its many input/output options, additional functions and CAN communication protocols. The system is externally certified according to CAT3 Performance Level ‘d’. The receiver is interchangeable with all PANTHER transmitters, but to achieve a complete PLd safety system a PLd certified transmitter such as the PN-T19-2 must be used.


Robust and always a stop button at hand.

All Tele Radio PANTHER systems show what they are made for. They are robust, protected against liquids and resistant to extreme temperatures. The built-in techniques ensure interference-free reception and various protections prevent the transmitter from being used unintentionally. With the active stop button, there is a constant, active connection between the transmitter and the receiver on your machine, so you can always stop it in case of an emergency.


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