Our way forward is sustainable

Blog • Posted on March 23, 2022 at 10:46 am

Sustainability Report 2021

The Allgon Group, with its subsidiary Tele Radio, has the important mission of creating a safe and user-friendly working environment for industrial customers. We achieve this through our unique industrial radio control solutions that streamline both production and logistics. It is important to us that we can constantly evolve to meet increasing demands for certification, ergonomics and ease of use. We remain committed to becoming a global market leader in industrial radio control, which we achieve by providing the safest and most reliable solutions. 

The purpose of this Sustainability Report is to describe the past year from a sustainability perspective. 

Our way forward is sustainable

We are aware of the contribution we need to make to a future-proof world. With every step we take in our business operations, we focus more and more on the climate and on people. For us, healthy business operations mean corporate social responsibility, safe and sustainable products and reducing our environmental impact. We want to reduce our ecological footprint.

Care for human beings

Tele Radio makes products that provide a more efficient and safer working environment. We serve the well-being of our users. Also, within our own companies we work towards healthy working conditions. We encourage respect for each other, good management, adequate supervision, good working conditions and job satisfaction. Our employees feel responsible for their impact on society and the environment. This is our Swedish DNA, the country where Tele Radio was founded, and our headquarter is situated. For years our home country has been at the top of sustainability. 

Care for environment

Our company has a policy of sustainability. This is part of our mission to manufacture and supply products that continue to work under the most extreme conditions. The lifetime of our transmitters and receivers reduces the required raw materials and energy. In our business processes, too, we are committed to minimising environmental impact through sustainable packaging, green energy, more efficient transport, and reduced waste production.   

Examples of our commitment

The Green Future of Dakar

Tele Radio is sponsoring the Firemen Dakarteam as the team and rally reflect our brand values safe, smart, strong. The rally is a hotspot of technological innovation like it was from the beginning of car and motorsports. For the future, the team and rally are taking major steps towards sustainability. From an Internal Combusting Engine, via hybrid power, the team will participate in the Dakar Rally will a fully energy neutral truck by the year 2030. The current solar powered encampment will be self-sustainable by the year 2025.

Sustainable packaging

We consider packaging no longer as waste, but as resource for new products. Preferably, our packaging consists of one type of material. Therefore, our transmitters and receivers are packed in recycled and unbleached cardboard. Also, the foam padding used to fix the product in the packaging has also been eliminated and replaced with the same type of cardboard. We leave out superfluous parts as much as possible. This is our contribution to sustainability. 

Eco-friendly tape

Packaging tapes made of PVC or PP are a major threat to the environment. Plastic that ends up in the environment does not decompose, but slowly breaks down into microplastics that accumulate in the water, air, and soil. Tele Radio uses paper tape with a natural rubber adhesive for its shipments. The brown tape is suitable for recycling and therefore fits perfectly with our aim to reduce our impact on the environment.

100% energy neutral

Tele Radio stimulates sustainable entrepreneurship within its companies. Examples are remote working, the use of electric cars, green energy and the use of energy generated by solar panels. The new building of Tele Radio Benelux is equipped with 80 solar panels that provide the total energy needs of this location. Similar initiatives are being developed all over the world. 

Tele Radio works with sustainable partners

We take care of our people and the environment

At Tele Radio Benelux we are well aware of the contribution we can make to responsible entrepreneurship. We like to create a safe and sustainable working environment for our employees and we are able to further reduce our ecological footprint in the production and delivery of our products.

In our building in Bleiswijk, The Netherlands, for example, we have a climate-neutral household thanks to 80 solar panels mounted on the roof. Good, ergonomic working conditions have been created by choosing the most optimal office furnishings and equipment. This commitment to sustainability was taken into account when choosing suppliers.

PaSAV ICT was therefore consciously chosen as partner when purchasing the new IT equipment. This IT specialist makes a special contribution to sustainability by investing a part of the proceeds from the sale of its services and products in B4Nature. Tele Radio and its staff indirectly acquire a share in the bee colony “Appelonia” from foundation B4Nature.