Tele Radio sponsorship for Tecnico Solar Boat

Tecnico Solar Boat is a team of engineering students from the Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon, Portugal. Their mission is to design and build a solar-powered boat that can compete in international competitions. The team relies on sponsorships to fund their research and development, and Tele Radio, a company committed to eco-friendly solutions, has become one of their main sponsors.

Tele Radio is a company that provides remote control solutions for various industries, such as construction, transportation, and logistics. We are dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint of our products and services, and as such, we have made sustainability a fundamental aspect of our business strategy. This commitment is reflected in our support for Tecnico Solar Boat, a team working to develop a fully solar-powered boat that operates without a pilot on board.

Tecnico Solar Boat ft Tele Radio sponsorship

The shared ecological objective in the collaboration between TSB and Tele Radio

The collaboration between Tecnico Solar Boat and Tele Radio is a perfect match. Both entities strive to find eco-friendly solutions to common problems. For Tecnico Solar Boat, the challenge is to design a boat that operates entirely on solar energy in competitions. For Tele Radio, the focus is on reducing the carbon footprint of products and services. By working together, we can achieve the shared goal of creating a more sustainable future.

The design and manufacturing of the autonomous boat São Pedro 01 were recently carried out in accordance with Tele Radio’s team schedule to meet this specific application and deliver the utmost performance in professional competitions.

With the Tele Radio remote control system, Tecnico Solar Boat achieved the second position in the prestigious Njord Challenge.

The use of a remote control to operate this boat was one of the requirements to participate in the race. This remote control had to have a minimum range of 200 meters in a maritime environment, which involves moisture and, therefore, a system that can withstand it.

Tele Radio offers the Tiger system with proportional buttons, which exceeds the minimum requirements of this equipment with a frequency of 433 MHz and 69 channels.

Remote control team to operate an autonomous boat

Tele Radio has provided the team with remote control solutions that allow them to operate the boat from a safe distance during tests. This not only provides a safer testing environment in the autonomous driving competition but also enables the team to collect data more efficiently.

Tecnico Solar Boat requires a remote control system that allows communication with the boat at a distance of 200 meters in a maritime environment. This, combined with the safety features of the Tele Radio transmitter, such as the IP66 protection and CE safety stop certification.

Furthermore, the receiver features a CANOpen BUS system.

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