Tele Radio Group opens a new subsidiary in India

Posted on November 30, 2020 at 2:54 pm

In order to extend the presence worldwide and serve a better accessibility in Asia, Tele Radio decided to establish a new subsidiary in Pune, India. The subsidiary in India will not only focus on the Indian market, it will also support our existing and new customers in Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. 

We like to attain a local approach and India has a lot to offer strategically. We noticed a high demand of interest in radio remote controls and due to these circumstances, we see opportunities to be more approachable and to serve our global accounts better being close to their production facilities in this up-and-coming region. We will also be able to customize our products and support the local requirements in a more efficient way.

We are delighted to announce Mr. Sharad Role will be the managing director of Tele Radio India. Mr. Role has work experience in the technical field for over 15 years. His expertise lies in Radio Remote Control (RRC), Cable Reeling Systems, Shore Power Systems and abundant other relevant technical products. Moreover, he has gained a broad knowledge in a variety of technical industries. The steel industry, major power plants industry, airport industry and crane & construction industry to name a few. Since Mr. Role is result-driven and has a hands-on mentality approach, we are confident he will bring Tele Radio India forward. 

The company will be operating from the 1st of December. We are looking forward to welcome you in Pune.