Seyiton, a development of Yektamak Makina, is a transport system that carries steel plates on demand at a shipyard. This transport system can carry up to 40 tons and is electrically driven and controlled wirelessly by a Tele Radio TIGER.

Seyiton works via a CANopen communication with a Tele Radio Tiger system. This trouble-free integration provided great convenience for the manufacturer Yektamak. Each of the three transport systems have their own wireless control, one of which is set as the main control (master). This can control all machines simultaneously or separately. The user can see which machine is being controlled via the display on the master transmitter. The Seyiton transport system provides more safety due to the wireless remote control, requires less manpower and is executed in less time.

Yektamak Makina
Founded in 2013, YEKTAMAK Machine and Engineering designs and develops customized machines and production processes for various industries, notably the automotive industry. YEKTAMAK provides the complete development process. This ranges from determining customer requirements, design, life cycle calculation, computer simulations, production to quality control and testing. The entire process meets the highest quality standards.

Tele Radio systems
TIGER is a SIL3 and PLe certified, robust radio control system adaptable to standard and complex lifting and non-lifting applications in harsh environments. Next to the Tiger system we have the markets widest range of industrial remote control. We are a solutions-oriented company that aim to offer the best products with unrivalled support. Please contact us if you are looking for a wireless solution for your specific needs, have questions and/or could use some good advice.