Our customization to the smallest details

For our VERSATEQ and SUPRATEQ model range

Because of the modular build of both the VersaTEQ and SupraTEQ, the flexibility of these products is extreme. You start with the choice of housing; the big SupraTEQ or the midrange VersaTEQ. Then, under the hood of the transmitters you can choose from a wide range of technical possibilities. All transmitters can be configured to your exact specifications. Naturally next to these technical options, all standard control elements imaginable are possible, down to the very last button, joystick or paddle. The faceplate can be customized with either full color print or engraved, the choice is yours.

The compact receivers are also highly adaptable to your wishes: multiple programmable I/O’s, multiple fieldbus protocols, all outputs/inputs are programmable, an external antenna and custom cabling are possible.

Your Custom Line waist band system fits seamlessly with your needs. That is the strength of the personalisation we offer for the VersaTEQ and SupraTEQ systems.



VersaTEQ TW57SupraTEQ TW77SupraTEQ TW78
24 cm33 cm33 cm
320 x 240 px screen320 x 240 px screen480 x 272 px screen



The Custom Line offers unprecedented possibilities in the field of software adjustments. In consultation with our sales department, you determine the desired functionality of the system, tailored to your wishes and the possibilities of the controlled machine, crane, vehicle or vessel.
For example, there is the option to display the feedback signals of your application on the screen. There are many options for the settings of the control from the transmitter to your machine and the LCD screen can be designed to your wishes. Also your house style can be incorporated into the system, signals can be displayed as graphs, animations are possible and much more.
Hardware adjustments

In addition to the choice of a regular or large size housing for the transmitter, much of the hardware can be adapted to your own insight and need. Tele Radio waist transmitters is prepared for many special features.
For example, the handles of the transmitter can be equipped with LED lighting that illuminates the front plate and the control elements in the dark. A vibration motor can be installed for a tactile feedback signal. The application of a physical lock on the transmitter is also an option. Of course, the receiver can also be adapted to your wishes. It can be equipped with an internal or external antenna, an active antenna, additional relays, BUS modules or a special type of cabling.
Control elements

The control elements strongly determine the ease with which you can operate your machine, device, vehicle or vessel. It is important to choose and set the components carefully. We have a wide range of control elements to choose from.
You can provide your transmitter with different types of joysticks with or without a button on the top, there are paddles, (push) switches with multiple positions, toggle switches, potentiometers, etc. Some control elements can be equipped with a built-in LED or LED indicator next to the button in the front plate. The buttons can also be provided with special colors for intuitive operation.
Front plate

The transmitter’s front plate is a distinctive part of the Custom Line. By designing and producing the front plate to your liking, the transmitter gains in ease of use and appearance. You can process your own corporate identity on the front plate. With the correct indications and icons on the front plate you ensure a more efficient and safer use.
The front plate can be printed or engraved. There is complete freedom with regard to the type of icons, logos, fonts, etc. The front plate, like the rest of the transmitter, is highly resistant to dirt, liquids, grease, etc. Our sales department will be happy to advise you on the best possible system.

The Tele Radio systems are often used in high-risk areas. In these situations, you should always be able to rely on the security of the system. In an emergency, the safety-related stop function should do what it is designed for; freeze your application!
The reliability of the transmitter’s safety stop is shown in various officially defined safety levels (SIL3, PLd, PLe, etc.). Unique is the independent certification that Tele Radio achieved for these safety levels.
The Custom Line can be provided with the desired safety level. This way the system can be used safely in all circumstances.


The solid advice of our Sales Department

Get in contact with us for advise about the best fitting system for your application. 

Own Technical Service

Tele Radio has its own Technical Service Department for support, on-site installation and repair.

The various independent safety certificates

For all Tele Radio products with a safety certification, we can provide you with the approval reports from the independent testing authority. Read more about it HERE.