We help the marine sector

Tele Radio provides solutions to all areas of the marine sector. Whether you own a small private craft or a large ship we have something for you. When it comes to boat or a ship, on the rivers and deltas or out to sea there are a lot of different applications and it is very hard to cover them all but a few examples of what we provide solutions for are: gantry cranes, gangways, lights, anchors, winches, trim props and many more. As with many other areas, a remote control solution will put you right were you need to be and not anchored to where the control panel is located. Sometimes having to stay in the operators cabin could mean that you don’t have the best view of the action which can cause accidents or hamper productivity.


Electrically controlled gangways for boats and crafts is a common application that benefits greatly of remote control. Conveniently raise or lower the gangway from the docks, right when you need it.


For a ship, having the ability to turn on and off lights as you manoeuvre through the ship is easily accomplished with remote control. If you have a bigger ship the staff can have their own remotes making it easier for them to attend the needs of the guests.

Anchors & winches

On many ships the anchors are electrically controlled and being able to lower and raise anchor from the most advantageous position is a clear benefit of remote control. Controlling winches carry the same benefit, whether it is a dock mounted winch for a boat lift or a ship mounted winch, controlling them with a remote control system is the preferred way.

Maneuver thrusters

For medium to larger craft when mooring a ship the use of thrusters is often used to position the boat in the right place. Commonly controlled from the cabin where it can be hard to see how far from the mooring place you actually are. Step outside to the railing and do the final touches with remote control.