The battery in our products

カテゴリーなし • Posted on November 6, 2020 at 10:06 am

Without any doubt, the core of our remote controls is by far the battery. In this blog we will dive deeper into the technique of this important element and explain to you in which Tele Radio products you can find these.

In our industrial remote controls, you can find various types of batteries:

  1. Li-ion
  2. NiMH
  3. Alkaline Triple A and 9V block

The different kinds of batteries


The Li-ion battery is the best rechargeable battery we have in our remotes. Lithium-ion batteries are well known because of their long lifespan. In comparison to other battery types the Li-ion batteries belong to the highest category of energy density. Energy densityinvolves the capacity of energy that is stored per mass or volume unit.

You can find these batteries in our Tele Radio PANTHER remotes T17-8, T17-12 and T19-2, all of our TIGER remotes and not to forget our TEQ Waist Transmitter line. One type of battery for all these transmitters increases the efficiency in, for example, a workshop, when several batteries can be charged in the same charging station. Apart of what you might expect, Li-ion batteries don’t need to be expensive. At Tele Radio we offer our clients a Li-ion at a reasonable price. Because this battery is used on many Tele Radio systems, we always have this plenty in stock.

We also provide a variety of accessories suitable for the remotes that work with the Li-ion batteries. We have a charging station that can be mounted on the wall, a charging station for in a truck, and we also provide the option of a charger with a cigarette lighter plug. All of our larger Tele Radio TIGER and PANTHER remote controls with a stop function at the bottom have the opportunity to charge their batteries internally using a charger cable.

Our Tele Radio TEQ Waist Transmitter also feature hot swapping technology. Hot swapping means that our TEQ Waist Transmitter do not fail during a battery change. Our TEQ remote controls have two internal Li-ion batteries, one of these batteries prevents the remote from falling out.


The NiMH battery, known as the nickel metal hydride battery, is also rechargeable. Unlike the precursor of the NiMH, called NiCD, the NiMH is a lot less environmentally harmful. In the past the excessively toxic substance cadmium was used within batteries. Since January 2005, the European Union decided to prohibit the usage of cadmium by law. Tele Radio only uses this NiMH battery in our prior product lines, the Tele Radio 860 LION for example. Our newer product ranges use the Li-ion battery since these are less harmful to our planet in comparison to the NiMH battery.

Alkaline Triple A / 9V block

The Alkaline Triple A battery is the battery you find in every household. It is compact and used frequently in various electronical products. This is also the case in our T60 and T20 transmitters. There are two T60 transmitters that are equipped with the 9V block battery. This battery is also made of Alkaline.

The use of our transmitters with the Alkaline batteries is especially recommended for incidental use of the transmitter. If a transmitter is used intensively, we recommend the transmitters with a Li-ion battery, because they are rechargeable and have a longer lifespan.


As you may know, temperature has its effect on the battery. Low temperatures slow down the chemical reactions in the battery, which reduces the power in the battery. In contrast, heat makes the battery work harder, which can cause battery leakage. To prevent corrosion, we therefore recommend that you always remove the batteries from the devices when they are not used for a long time.

Throwing away batteries

Be aware of the impact batteries have on our environment. They should never be thrown away with the regular garbage. A battery contains substances that are harmful to our planet, such as manganese and lead. You can find collection points at various shops, such as supermarkets. This is not only convenient for consumers, but also for businesses.


Of course, you do not want the warranty of your Tele Radio product to expire! Therefore, it is important to remember that our Tele Radio batteries must be used in all our transmitters. If this is not the case, keep in mind that the warranty of the product will expire.