Tele Radio TEQ industrial wireless remote control now available as standard models

Blog • Posted on août 7, 2019 at 1:29

Discover the possibilities with Tele Radio at MATEXPO 2019

Under the name ‘Basic Line’, Tele Radio is announcing three new standard models to augment the TEQ range of wireless remote controls for the mobile industrial and hydraulic sector. Built exclusively from standard components, this new line-up fulfils the most essential requirements for applications in the field of industrial remote control,at an attractive price for features and quality at this level. From 11‑15 September in Kortrijk Xpo – on stand R11 – Tele Radio offers visitors an opportunity to experience all the possibilities of these ergonomic products, which are so important to safe and efficient operation of industrial machinery.

Drawing on its extensive experience with the original, fully-customisable TEQ remote control units, Tele Radio has now developed a new series built exclusively from standard components: the Basic Line.This development makes the transmitters and receivers suitable for mass-production, which in turn drives down the cost price.Even so, this standard series can meet the needs of 9 out of 10 industrial applications!

Of course, the Basic Line also employs reliable RFID technology, it can be connected to standard bus systems, and if necessary, the wireless range can be extended indefinitely by means of repeaters.


The complete Basic Line consists of three standard bellybox transmitters (T24-01, T26-02 and T26-03), plus two standard receivers (R20-01 and R21-01). The transmitters feature a black faceplate with white markings, and all models include haptic alarm signalling and two-way communication to facilitate feedback. They also have an M12 cable connector and a large, full-colour display. Power is supplied internally by two Li-ion batteries (charger included), or externally via the 12/24 VDC socket or a 100/240 VAC adapter.

The transmitters come in two sizes: the mid-sized T24, and the two smaller T26 models. Further differences between the three models lie in the number of side buttons, and two of the three have a Cat 3, PLd certified emergency stop feature.


The two receivers can be linked to one of the three transmitters, depending on the application. The plug-in type R20-01 provides 26 preconfigured I/Os, PWM for proportional valve control, and an integrated 35-pin connector with 2 m cable.The R21-01 is equipped with four preconfigured I/Os, an M12 connector with CANopen serial communication, and an M20 cable gland. 


These standard industrial remote controls are ideal for applications such as the operation of cranes, winches, pumps, and the hydraulic systems of low-loaders and tipping trailers. A wireless remote control greatly improves the overall efficiency and safety of operation, especially when the transmitters and receivers include an integrated emergency stop circuit certified compliant with Cat 3, PLd.

Visit Tele Radio during MATEXPO 2019 in Kortrijk Belgium from 11-15 september at Stand R11 on the Ramblas (the east-west hallway between the halls on the north and south side of the complex). For free tickets, click HERE.