Tele Radio opens 2nd Sales & Support office in Turkey

Uncategorized @da • Posted on December 20, 2022 at 9:44 am

Following the opening of daughter companies in India, Ireland and New Zealand earlier this year, the Tele Radio Group, subsidiary and strong brand of Allgon, is now also opening a Technical Sales & Support Office in Ankara, Turkey. With the opening of the new and 2nd office in Turkey, Tele Radio increases its worldwide accessibility in the field of wireless, industrial remote controls.

Mr. Ruhan Ağar, General Manager of Tele Radio Turkey, will also be in charge of the Ankara office, which will be an extension of the already established strong presence in Istanbul with over more than 25 employees.

At Tele Radio, contact with the customer is central. A good relationship, the provision of reliable systems and fast service are serious targets within the organization. Mr. Uğuray Altuğ will be responsible for the projects and solutions in Ankara and Central Anatolia region, working directly with Mr. Melih Baykal, Operations Director of Tele Radio Turkey.

‘’From Ankara, we can provide a more personal service and support in that region of Turkey. It provides us the opportunity to better understand our customers’ requirements, business challenges and need for solutions’’

– Mr. Melih Baykal

We are delighted to announce that Mr. Ruhan Ağar, the managing director of Tele Radio Turkey in Istanbul, will also be in charge of the Technical Sales & Support Office in Ankara. Along with Uğuray Altuğ and Melih Baykal, the three have broad work experience in the technical field, radio remote control systems and other relevant technical products. We are confident that together they form a strong team and bring Tele Radio Turkey forward.