Laying steel dock boards in half the time with the help of industrial remote control

Blog • Posted on November 13, 2019 at 2:55 pm

An easy job with the help of Tele Radio remote control

It is Jurgen Knoop’s daily job to lay steel dock boards. In the past the laying of a full truck of dock boards took quite some time, now it can be done in half the time. Thanks to the industrial remote control of Tele Radio.

Transport company Derks in Bemmel is specialized in earthmoving, exceptional transport and through Derks Dock Boards in the rental and laying dock boards. Jurgen Knoop is driver on one of the trucks.

“We are laying dock boards for all kinds of purposes like festivals and events for example the Four Days Marches in Nijmegen, along the side of a road when a truck has fallen over, on construction sites and also a lot in clay pits. With our dump trucks we daily drive clay to stone factories.”

For the dock boards transport is Jurgen the regular driver on a five-axle Ginaf with Palfinger loader crane. “In the past the laying of a full load of dock boards was quite a job. But since I use the Tele Radio remote control it is done in half the time. With the Tele Radio remote control I can drive the truck while sitting on the loader crane. That saves time as I don’t have to get off and on the loader crane for moving the truck.” The Ginaf was equipped with the Tele Radio remote control one and a half year ago. Before that, Jurgen had another remote control system. This system had interference near other systems and was unreliable due to this. Very irritating and dangerous. Our oldest truck was equipped with pedals on the loader crane for moving the truck. Fine in itself but, as it was a wired control, the cable was regularly broken which caused malfunctions.”

Jurgen is very positive about the Tele Radio remote control. Truck dealer Van Ginkel did the installation. It works smoothly, interference free, very precise and absolutely reliable. From any location I can move the truck, sitting on the loader crane, but also standing next to the truck. Besides the system is robust and 100% safe.” Jurgen shows that the casing is stupid proof and that the system exactly does what he wants. Moving can be done to a single centimetre. When Jurgen releases the joystick, the truck stops immediately. Jurgen shows that he can drive forwards and backwards with the remote control, can steer and accelerate from a slope. The maximum speed is 5 km/h. Driving is only done in first gear. “When I laid a couple of dock boards and I need to move the truck, I grab the remote control and can see the front of my truck on a screen that is on my loader crane.” There are no sensors on the Ginaf truck. This is done on purpose. “Often we have to move through narrow spaces. Sensors limit the possibilities.”

The Swedish company Tele Radio is expert in the field of wireless remote controls. You can find the systems in lots of industries and for lots of applications. The remote controls excel in ease of use, safeness and robustness. They meet the highest safety standards and are independently certified. The transmitters can take a punch. Therefor they are perfect for use in construction and transport. The control is very intuitive.
Published in Bouwmachines,  23 August 2019, Netherlands

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