Pallet shuttle systems work safer and more efficient with radio control

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What is a pallet shuttle system?

In warehouses, a pallet shuttle system significantly increases storage capacity and work efficiency. This is because it is an electrically powered storage system that makes loading and unloading pallets faster and safer and ensures a higher degree of rack filling.

The electrically powered shuttles, that resemble mobile trolleys on rails, move the stored pallets forwards and backwards within the storage rack. They are, as it were, an extension of the forklift. Because all pallets are automatically moved forward by the shuttles, the forklift truck itself no longer has to drive into the rack to unload or load a pallet that is standing in the back. This not only significantly increases the efficiency of work, but it also reduces the risk of damaging the storage racks. The pallet shuttle systems are often controlled wirelessly. This can be done, for example, with a Tele Radio remote control.

A stable radio signal

The shuttle system can be controlled through a Wi-Fi signal. However, Tele Radio uses its own radio protocol. This protocol has been specially developed for an industrial environment, with an increased stability and with a greater range, even under difficult conditions. This makes working with the shuttle system more reliable, safer and more efficient. The signal from a Tele Radio transmitter prevents interference or even loss of range between the operator and the shuttle system. This makes it the ideal solution for large warehouses, with long distances, metal racks and obstacles.

Are the safety functions certified?

When purchasing a pallet shuttle system, it is wise to inquire about the safety functions of the remote control. Entrapment or injuries must be prevented, and the user must be able to rely on the operation of the stop button. It is essential whether the operation is certified by a Notified Body . This is an independent, recognized inspection body. Tele Radio deliberately has its products certified independently. This is the only way to guarantee safety regarding critical applications. Of course, Tele Radio can hand over the official certificate as proof; something that does not apply to every provider.

Designed for extreme conditions

The entire design of a Tele Radio transmitter is geared to intensive, professional use under often harsh conditions. In such conditions they take have the competitive edge over, for example, regular tablets that are sometimes being used in pallet shuttle systems. Using an industrial transmitter means a more robust design with better sealing and ergonomics. The battery life is also longer, there is no fragile touch screen, and a Tele Radio transmitter can also be used effortlessly with gloves on. Also, Tele Radio’s remote controls never require an update of the operating system or an app from a third party. The operation is therefore virtually fail-safe.

Designed for extended use

Tele Radio’s industrial transmitters are powered by lithium batteries and, depending on the model, have a capacity of up to 130 hours of continuous use (PN-T19-2). Tele Radio’s industrial transmitters are specially designed to withstand shocks and drops. The high IP protection class indicates the degree of resistance to water and dust. The controls can even withstand extreme temperatures from -20 to +55 degrees Celsius!

Personalize the foil on your transmitter

Provide extra protection, safety and recognizability for your transmitter! Use the customizable foil on the Tele Radio remote controls. The films are made of UV, scratch and liquid resistant material and are available in combination with your own house style/brand colors, logo, symbols, or text.

Work without interruptions

We know better than anyone that interruption of work in a warehouse or logistics center can entail (high) costs. Therefore, in case of malfunction or loss, you can easily replace the transmitter with another transmitter. This can be done in just 15 seconds by means of a unique code!

A certified safety stop is an essential part of the safety functions of an industrial transmitter.

Our Tele Radio TIGER systems include a SIL3 PLe certified safety stop function. Our PANTHER range features PLd certified transmitters. Both systems are user-friendly and flexible. With the TIGER, for example, you can control several pallet shuttle systems with the same remote control.

TIGER screen transmitters can display a variety of feedback, such as data regarding controllable pallets or data from the currently selected pallet shuttle.

Get your customized foil or faceplate include specific symbols for your functions, your logo and/or corporate colors.


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