Lynx is a radio remote control system with feedback/duplex functions.

Lynx has been developed for people who need feedback from their equipment. Both the system’s hand held unit and its stationary unit work in duplex, i.e. “two-way communication”, with visible feedback via the LED’s on the hand held unit. Lynx is especially suitable for controlling applications in which you need to be able to read information and get feedback. For machine applications, different types of sensors etc. By radio remote controlling your application with Lynx, you ensure a high security level. Partly because each hand held unit has its own unique ID out of 4 billion available, and partly because the hand held unit gives a warning when the battery level is low.

Lynx operates on the 2.4 GHz band which is accepted all over the world. It provides you with a secure and strong transfer. The system is equipped with bipolar transistors which entails more flexibility, and it communicates via serial communication (RS232, RS485, modbus) with your PC or PLC. Some software development is required in order for the communication between your PC or PLC to work.

Pushbutton transmitters

Lynx’s pushbutton transmitters come in three different button configurations – three, six and eight buttons. They also carry a set of five LED’s that can be programmed to show status of operation. The push button transmitters are IP65.

Lynx, sender, 3x1trinn trykknapp
2,4 GHz
Lynx, sender, 6x1trinn trykknapp
2,4 GHz
Lynx, sender, 8x1trinn trykknapp
2,4 GHz


The Lynx receiver is meant to be connected to a machine interface or various probes through the means of an open-collector. Two Lynx receivers can be used to create a crane-to-crane anti-collision system according to DIN standard DIN15011:2011.

Lynx mottaker
2,4 GHz
LX-R2-1 / 100-000-220-64
Lynx "crane-to-crane" mottaker
2,4 GHz