860 Lion Tele Radio Remote

The 860 Lion was introduced in 2003 to offer the market a new technical advanced control system that also met the emerging safety standards of its time. Initially the system was offered with a 10-button and a 12 button handheld transmitter, and receivers ranging from 10 to 24 function relays. Later on joystick transmitters were also added to the range.

For its time the 860 Lion was a very secure system. It had an approved stop function according to category 3 and PLd. The dedicated security relays monitored the stop function.

With 860 Lion you had many options and built-in functions as a standard. You could control 2 receivers, independently or in unison, a so-called twin function. The system transmitted at up to 69 different frequencies between 433-434 MHz.


The system started to get replaced by the Tiger system during 2010-2013 and was finally retired in favor of the Tiger G2 systems that also fulfills the SIL3 standard which the 860 Lion did not.

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