Your own logo, colors, symbols or text. For additional protection, safety and recognizability!

All our transmitters and receivers can be provided with custom foils. These foils help to protect the transmitter, ensure a safe usage and contribute to the recognizability. The foils are made of high-quality industrial (3M) material. They can withstand intensive use and are resistant to discoloration and liquids. The foils offer an additional, protective layer to our products. Custom foils also have a safety function. By the use of clear symbols, tailored to your own specific application, mistakes can be avoided. And of course, you can give the transmitter your own corporate signature with colors, logo etc.

Custom foils can be delivered per piece. You are free in choosing your own colors, logos, symbols, fonts, images etc. You can supply us with your ready-made (digital) template or ask us to make a design based on your own ideas.

We can provide a custom foil for every transmitter and receiver as accessory. Contact us and we will give you all necessary prices, instructions, templates or digital design material. Based on your input a design is made and will be sent to you for approval.

A foil on a plexiglass plate that falls around the buttons. Available in three thicknesses. With the thickest version, the buttons fall deeper in their housing and cannot be pressed by accident. The plexi foils are used on the mini and midi transmitters but also on the larger joystick transmitters. The foils are made of high-quality material and are resistant to discoloration, scratches, liquids etc. Foils made of flexible, high-quality rubber (pu) that is resistant to discoloration and liquids. The foil fully covers the buttons. They are also used on the Tiger transmitters as an alternative to the plexi foil, in case you want to fully cover the buttons for additional protection.


Custom foil examples