Festoonless cranes are possible with Tele Radio Remote Controls

Blog • Posted on April 27, 2020 at 1:56 pm

Nowadays the use of wireless remote controls is widely standardized in the lifting industry, especially for overhead crane applications.

It has almost completely eliminated the use of wired pendants.

In fact, our PANTHER range for the lifting industry has helped thousands of customers worldwide in the modernization and efficiency of their plants, making them more safe and reliable.

At a glance, the PN-T19-2 transmitter along with the PN-R15-2 receiver, easily adapts to 95% of all common overhead crane applications (single and dual hoist cranes or cranes with up to 4 hoists).

Current situation and new trends

The below picture shows a crane with festoon cable, typically seen on the majority of overhead cranes:

The festoon is common, and as we have seen with wired pendants, it could become a thing of the past.

Festoon removal

Once again, the use of remote control proves to be more efficient than wires, cables, and festoon.

Tele Radio offers a cost-effective solution allowing the elimination of the festoon cable, by simply adding another receiver.

A total of two receivers, controlled with the same transmitter (one used to control the Bridge, the second controls Hoist/Trolley(s). This way, the installation is quicker and less complex than using a festoon. In addition, we learned that this type of installation significantly reduces the need for maintenance due to festoon tearing, resulting in cost savings in the mid and long term.

This solution is gaining interest and popularity in the industry, with more OEM’s now building and selling festoon-less cranes as standard.

The images shown in this post, have been furnished by CanStahl out of Quebec, Canada, highlighting some of their cranes using the festoon-less remote control package from Tele Radio.

To learn more about this solution and how to make your cranes festoon-less, please do not hesitate to contact us.