Small farm or large scale agriculture?

Whether you work on a small family farm or you manage tens of thousands of acres, we have solutions that will help you be more productive in agriculture. Everything from scale-integrated seed or fertilizer tenders to cab controlled tractor attachments, we’ve done it all. Wireless remote control offers ease of installation, durability, exceptional control, and many advantages for today’s farming or agricultural needs, without sacrificing safety.

With the sophistication of the advanced functional control that we see in the cab, comes the need to integrate GPS automation, laser control, data logging and transfer, and much more with the precision of the operator controls in order to become even more efficient.

That’s where Tele Radio remote control solutions come in. Perhaps you need a better view of your implement during operation or maybe you just want to stay in out of the rain, wind, sun, and the elements; let us help you optimize your machinery and bring ergonomic comfort to your long hard days out in the field.

Operate any piece of agricultural equipment or tractor attachment, either proportional or digital actuation; integrate scales, disbursement rate controls, automation, data management systems; customize your equipment to maximize your time and effort with Tele Radio agricultural remote control solutions.


To give an idea of the possibilities, we have some examples of applications and their typical products below:


A wide array of harvesters – alfalfa, garlic, carrots, beets, etc. can all be controlled with ease and efficiency. Pull behind attachments or application specific machinery, with a Tele Radio wireless remote control solution installed on this equipment, you can could control speed, turn on and off functions, adjusting harvesting settings and more.


Rugged, durable, and ready for anything; the Tele Radio transmitters works as hard as you do. From sun up to sun down, the livestock need your attention, choose a partner that will be dependable and safe to use all day long. With a variety of features, this wireless control solution allows you to pick up, move, release, and unroll bales well into the night if need be. With options like our cake feeder control, you can create a solution that works well and lets you keep track of what you’ve already done.


Whether with scales, automation, or simple operator control, both the Tiger and the Panther transmitters offer robust, intuitive control of the tender. Any agricultural or construction bulk material transfer application can be controlled easily with our systems which provide safe operation for thousands of hours; out in the field or inside the mixing facility. Contact us today to find out how we can help you benefit from including wireless remote control on your machinery.

Your preferences regarding safety and functionality

The choice of the right transmitter for your application is best made in consultation with Tele Radio employees. We supply different transmitters with specific properties. The following three things are essential for your choice:

Safety level

Our transmitters are safe, with many types having independent safety certification. This means that the correct functioning of the safety button has been tested and verified by an external, independent party. It is recommended to choose a system with an independent safety certification if you want to minimize the risk of injury when using machinery. No security risk? Then you can choose a transmitter without certification. 

Buttons or joysticks

With the use of buttons, a transmitter is more manageable, but certainly not less precise in its control. For example, a transmitter with proportional pushbuttons resembles the precision of a joystick transmitter. By further pressing the button, the degree of actuation increases. A joystick transmitter is larger but offers more options for customization in the form of special buttons, switches, and paddles, for example.

Feedback information

Certain transmitters can receive information back from a controlled receiver. Depending on the system, the information is visible utilizing LEDs on the transmitter or via a display. For example, when controlling a crane, it is possible to use the display to show information like the lifting weight or warning signs. This function will be less relevant for less complicated tasks like truck winches.

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