Follow the Firemen at Dakar Rally 2020

Blg • Posted on December 2, 2019 at 4:08 pm

Tele Radio proud partner of the Firemen Dakar Team 2020

We are proud to announce that Tele Radio has become partner of the Firemen Dakar Team competing in the Dakar Rally 2020. This team will battle the 42nd edition of this tough event in the deserts of Saudi Arabia with a Renault Works truck. The rally will be held from 5 to 17 January 2020.

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The Dakar Rally is known as one of the most extreme and heaviest rallies in the world with over 300 participating vehicles among which are 40 to 50 trucks. More than 60 nationalities fight for the victory. The adventurers fighting with their vehicles and elements are legendary. The rally is only for the strongest, as the Firemen Dakar Team with Tele Radio sponsoring.

The 2020 version of the rally has over 5,000 kilometres of special stages divided over 12 days with 5 stages of more than 450 kilometres. Over 75% of the Dakar Rally is over sand. There will be huge challenges.

After the start in Jeddah in the west of Saudi Arabia, on 5 January, the rally will head to the north and go back to the east to Riyadh. Thereafter is a loop in the south after which the race will end on 17 January in Qiddiya, a completely new city full of entertainment and culture, 40 kilometres from Riyadh.

The Firemen Dakar Team has the Dutch nationality. The team participates for the fourth time in the Dakar Rally with a 14th place overall as best result during the 2019 episode in Peru. Despite the young history of the team there is a lot of experience on board. Team Captain and owner drove the rally in 2016 for the Riwald Dakar Truck Team and did the Dakar Rally 8 time on a motorbike.

The name of the Firemen Dakar Team is a reference to the current or past jobs of the team member for the (voluntary) fire brigade. The aim for the team is to end as high as possible in the final ranking of the Dakar Rally. But next to that, the team has also a charitable objective. In the countries where the rally is held, firemen are trained, and equipment is donated in co-operation with the partners of the team. As an example, the fire brigade of Pisco Peru was offered a fire truck and firefighting equipment. A large part of the partners of the team is related to products and services in the field of firefighting, training and safety. An obvious choice for Tele Radio to join especially this team.

The Dakar Firemen Team that runs the rally consists of the following members:

Richard de Groot

Driver, team captain and owner. Was working as voluntary fire man for 14 years.

Jan Hulsebosch

Head mechanic. Fire man as profession since 1986.

Raph van den Elshout

Navigator and mechanic. In daily life team leader of the control room of the fire brigade.

A team of volunteers is backing up for maintenance, repairs and communication during the rally. They drive a fleet of two service trucks with spare parts, tools, workshop, sanitation, kitchen and sleeping accommodation.

The 2020 rally will be driven by the Firemen Dakar Team in a new and very competitive Renault Works Truck. This excellent truck offers the team the change to compete at the top of the ranking. The truck fits perfect in the team’s target to develop itself each year.

Like before the truck stands out among the competitors. Fire men drive fire trucks! So, the Renault Truck is acting as real fire truck with special livery, flashlights and sirens.

The co-operation of Tele Radio with the Firemen Dakar Team fits in seamlessly with our objectives: increase awareness and building a highly committed network of customers. Safety is key for the team and the Dakar Rally. The sport is tough, rough and requires a lot from men and their equipment. It is this world that fits the experience of our users.