Volvo Reus Fleming

Reus Fleming, S.A. is an official authorised Volvo dealer in Catalunya, Spain for the following provinces: Tarragona, Lleida, Huesca and Teruel. Their relation with customers is the utmost motto of the business, for that reason they do adapt to the customers demands and go beyond the standard when a technological challenge is required. Their focus is to provide outstanding service and support on each situation, no matter its complexity.

A milestone in the Iberian market

Thanks to the close collaboration with Tele Radio, Volvo Reus Fleming made an excellent job to successfully incorporate for the first time in Spain & Portugal the innovative Volvo Dynamic Steering, including EXSTER variant, which allows to wirelessly interface with a Tele Radio remote control.

This solution has been implemented considering safety as the primary goal. Volvo and Tele Radio, both with headquarters in Gothenburg (Sweden), always focus their efforts on developing safe and ergonomic innovations.


A Volvo truck model FH 500 8×2 with bodybuilder functions from Cubas Segre was chosen for the user for improving his daily work for loading/unloading feed for livestock, as well as its transportation to different farms.

This solution provides a major improvement in safety, since it increases visual opening for the user thanks to being able to control the truck from the outside. In addition, it feels more ergonomic when avoiding the need to climb up and down from the truck several times a day (some dozens) depending on the workload. The efficiency results in an improvement in productivity and a significant fatigue reduction when working daily.

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