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Kalea Lifts AB

Kalea works with custom lifting devices within the Cibes Group. They manufacture and sell elevators that help people with disabilities in public and home environments. Kalea mostly sells on the Swedish market, but also exports to Finland, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and other countries. Their elevators are characterized by their easy installation, and the fact that the elevator itself takes up very little room when not being used.

Kalea experimented with their own radio based solutions, but experienced problems, such as obtaining enough range, because of the strong magnetic fields generated by the lifting engine. After contacting Tele Radio the Panther system was supplied for testing, which worked perfectly from the start. Since Panther is transmitting at 2.4 GHz it is much less susceptible to radio interference, and it is simple enough to be used by the user.

“An elevator equipped with Panther also eliminates the need for external control panels, which saves time and costs for our installers. The Panther system has worked perfectly from the start, and has been a real success for us.”

– Richard Stafsing, Kalea

SPX Hydraulic Technologies

SPX is a worldwide manufacturer of hydraulic high and low pressure systems, amongst which cylinders, pumps, and railway track systems. The brands are Power Team, Stone, Hytec, Globe and Rail systems.

The first contact with Tele Radio took place in 2008 when SPX tried to find a partner for the introduction of a new wireless remote assortment that would be an addition to the wired remotes. Except for safety there were more specific characteristics that SPX wanted to see in the development. Tele Radio came with a proposition that included all these characteristics. A robust, safe, and handy transmitter, which controls a small receiver, that is also very easy to integrate. Even our own special connector was included in the package, so that our products could be controlled with the wired remote or with the wireless remote without having to use a screwdriver.

Next to the offering of the right wireless remote control for the application, the possibility to deliver from stock and the right price/quality of the Tele Radio products were the factors that made us choose Tele Radio.

– Remco Sanders

Technician & STONE coordinator

SPX Hydraulic Technologies

MUNCK CRANES INC. standardizes on Tele Radio’s remote controls

Munck Cranes Inc., Est. 1983, is a designer and manufacturer of overhead cranes and custom material handling equipment. With manufacturing located in Canada, United States and Mexico, they service a large industry base and growing network of distributors throughout North America. They use the T70 Jaguar and 860 Lion for hoisting and overhead crane systems along with the T60 for linear material handling systems.

“It is no surprise that we have partnered with Tele Radio! Their experience, proven product lines and commitment to service has given me the confidence to not only standardize on their radio controls, we also put our name on it by utilizing their custom foils option. Let’s face it, we are literally putting Tele Radio, (the control of our equipment), directly in the hands of our customers... and that’s a safe choice! Our material handling equipment is used for a wide variety of applications in diverse markets and Tele Radio meets our needs as an OEM, but more importantly... the needs of our customers with safety, reliability and ease of use.”

– Stephen N. Marczi, Sales Manager

ROM bv integrates Tele Radio remotes in their sewer cleaning vehicles

At ROM bv, we have been integrating Tele Radio radio remote controls on our sewer cleaning units since 2001. Their remote control system is used as a primary control unit combined with a wireless active emergency stop. The switch to the wireless controls of Tele Radio took a few years, but at ROM bv we are very thorough and believe that technological changes like this should not be done overnight. The decision to switch was in the end very easy to take, because Tele Radio provides a level of service and support that is always quick, effective and professional. With many years of experience behind them, supplying specially adapted units after demands from the market, came as second nature.

Tele Radio are a truly global company with subsidiaries, dealers and authorised partners throughout the world ready to take care of any needed support in the field. Our partnership is now at such a high level that we are permitted to perform maintenance and minor repairs to the wireless systems ourselves: co-operation like this is truly unique.

– René van Schaar, Purchaser, ROM bv

Innotek Corporation provides customers with Tele Radio's remote controls

Innotek Corporation is an integrated fluid power supplier that provides engineered solutions for customers through a combination of our manufacturing capabilities and distribution partnerships. They provide their customers with several of Tele Radio’s remote controls, mainly system T60.

“Having the Tele Radio Product as part of our offering as a Distributor/Manufacturer has helped Innotek to be a more complete systems provider. The Airplane Hanger picture is from one of our major users of the Tele Radio product showing just one application of their product with the Tele Radio transmitter and receiver. When you represent high quality product like Tele Radio you have the opportunity to support customers with quality cost effective solutions. Thank you Tele Radio for your excellent support and continued product development”, says Lynn Hughes, Vice President of Sales at Innotek Corporation.

Visit Innotek's website:

CanStahl offers Tele Radio's remote controls with their overhead cranes

CanStahl is the exclusive distributor for Stahl Crane Systems in Canada and offers Tele Radio’s system T70 Jaguar and 860 Lion among others with their overhead cranes. CanStahl also established its own distribution company Premium Industrial Group Inc. serving the province of Quebec back in the fall of 2009. They offers Tele Radio’s system T70 Jaguar and 860 Lion for their cranes.

“We choose Tele Radio for their consistent high level of product quality, knowledge and customer service. Dealing with Tele Radio ensures satisfied customers. Thank you for your efforts and dedication by maintaining a superior customer service experience”, says Stefan Lacelle, director at CanStahl.

Visit CanStahl and Premium Industrial Group Inc. websites here: www.canstahl.com/uk/home.html

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